American Idol: The Final Showdown

by Lacy Hall, posted May 24th 2006 7:04AM

ai logoMy favorite thing about the Idol finale isn't the performances, but playing "Where's Waldo?" with the random B-list celebrities in attendance. My question is, why do some of them get their names closed captioned while others do not? And, who was the nitwit that mistakenly identified Tori Spelling as one of "Taylor's Family & Friends"?

I have to admit that I wasn't really excited about tonight...  

The performance portion of the American Idol finale always feels a lot like the first 10 minutes of the Super Bowl, over-indulgent and over-hyped. I'm reserving all my emotions for the last 10 minutes of tomorrow night's overly drawn-out results show. I will be ecstatic if Taylor, Sir Goofball, defies all odds and takes this thing. And I will be shattered if Katharine manages to become the 800th-millionth-gazillionth attractive female (er, minus Fantasia) to win this thing. Hey, remember in Season 2 when a fat, black guy and a skinny, white dork made it to the finale? That was awesome! That is what American Idol is all about -- the underdogs.

I know I should stop whining, but I'm not ready to. I really wish it was Chris and Taylor in the finale. I'm not ready to let that go yet. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... Katharine can sing, she's beautiful, and she was "born to do this." So what? As far as I'm concerned, perfect people were for Star Search. American Idol is for the flawed rejects. I think that's why so many of the previous Idols have been from the South, and not from New York or LA. Because America wants to root for the underdogs, for people that have been rejected time and time before.

I like Katharine, but it all seems so contrived. She's from LA, the voice coach mom, the sobbing dad. It just bores me. But Taylor. He's a big ball of wrong, and somehow it makes it all right. He's tubby. Gray haired. Goofy. He's got a constipated look about him, and yet I suspect that he's completely regular. If I ran into Taylor at the grocery store, he'd be buying macaroni and cheese, but would not have the gallon of milk at home that would permit him to cook and enjoy said treat. I think he's the type of guy that dons a Santa hat the day after Thanksgiving and rarely removes it through the month of December. Without a doubt, he has farted and blamed it on the family dog. He's the type of guy that uses hugs as currency.

I just like the guy, and I want him to win. Is he a better singer than Katharine? No. Is he a better entertainer? Absolutely. If the foreign press ran an article on Taylor proclaiming him the new American Idol, would the rest of the world snicker and think, "Stupid Americans. Look at this jackass"? Without a doubt, and that's what I love about him. I voted for Taylor not because of the performances tonight, but because I just like who he is, and how unlikely it was that he made it this far. It didn't seem fair to bring this underdog all the way to the big show, and just leave him tied to a tree outside.

I want Taylor to win. I hope he wins.


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I love Taylor for being the big goofball he is. But I bet he always takes credit for his own farts! LOL

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Chris should have won and Elliot second place. I was glad Taylor won since Chris was not in the final, but I am still looking forward to Chris getting a record label and I also want to see Elliot record

May 25 2006 at 6:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I STILL SAY CHRIS SHOULD HAVE WON AND ELLIOT 2ND PLACE But since they did not make it I was glad it was Taylor I still hope to hear Chris on label

May 25 2006 at 6:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
t.m. ford

I watch very little television, but when I do I want to be entertained. Taylor Hicks did that for me. He didn't care if he looked like a 'goof ball', in the process. He shared with us his joy. He may not have the 'perfect' voice like Katherine, but he certainly knows how to have fun with his gift. I think Las Vegas would be the perfect place for him.

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Kay i hope you wasnt referring to me about the voting thing!!!

i voted via my cingular cell phone!!


everyone in Alabama is having a party rite now!!!i think i should have one too..i am in Alabama after all!!

May 24 2006 at 10:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Donna Dello

TAYLOR is the American Idol !!!

Kat is #2

May 24 2006 at 10:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Marilyn Singer

I laughed out loud at the comments about Taylor. I'm a writer, and, damn, you just created a character for a novel (except the guy's real). I love him, too.

But I also love Kat. I think her voice is truly gorgeous, with a fabulous tone, her song choices sometimes poor, and the songs foisted off on her terrible ("I Believe I Can Fly"? That execrable single she sang last night? Jeez Louise!) Unlike some folks, I do not think she's cold, removed, snotty, or disconnected to the lyrics (if you want disconnect, try most of Carrie Underwood's performances last year; gal didn't understand half of what she was singing about). I do think she's not comfortable in her own beautiful skin. She seems young and inexperienced to me. All the voice training in the world does not give you performance experience. Taylor sang in BARS, for God's sake! To make anybody pay attention in a bar, you gotta work your butt off. Mostly you sing for the sheer enjoyment, and the humble pay. Also, peeps, Taylor is EIGHT YEARS OLDER than Kat. Talk about life experience, which translates into stage experience.

But here's the thing--I voted for Kat almost all the way through the competition, however last night I voted for Taylor. Why? Because ultimately, at this point in their careers, I'd rather go see a performance by him. He's entertaining and you can dance to it...him. And also because he actually made HIS wretched single palatable (something Fantasia did, and why she got my vote, too). Poor Kat could not. And I fear she'll be stuck with that saccharine garbage for a long time if she wins. So, if she doesn't, maybe she'll be free to record a fab Natalie Cole-style CD of standards, which I would buy in a heartbeat. Maybe she'll take acting lessons and show up on Broadway, which is not an insult. This musical theatre fan LOVES Broadway!


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Yes, field-a-mundo, I will buy Taylor's CD. I actually like his voice. He is not cookie-cutter, has his own style and I enjoy listening to him. I would rather see him perform than any of the others. It would be nice if it were in a club venue rather than a large arena.

And Shari, for whatever it's worth, maybe there is something wrong with me. I like his grey hair and I don't really think he is chunky. He is a good looking guy to me. There is something cuddly and sweet about him that I find quite appealing. Reminds me of a teddy bear and I wouldn't mind a good bear hug from that ol' boy. He just seems like a nice, normal and genuine guy. I hope he really is that way, and that he stays unaffected by the industry. SOUL PATROL ALL THE WAY TONIGHT!!!!!

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Last night's finale did not have that certain pizzazz.
Kat only had one good song. All three of Taylor's song were great. I think that Taylor did a great job of making the last song his own. If you really listened to the words, they made sense. So what if he has gray hair and is a little chunky??? An idol doesnt have to be beautiful. Taylor is his own person.
He does what comes naturally. He doesnt have a stuck up personality. He is who he is.. And rememer, Taylor was never once in the bottom 2 or 3... I wil definitely go out and buy his album along with Chris's album. Go Taylor you rock!!

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I am so happy to read these post and see what a backing Taylor has...that tells me if he doesn't win something is "fixed" with the voting!

May 24 2006 at 2:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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