I feel sorry for the American Idol songwriters

by Anna Johns, posted May 24th 2006 10:16AM
american idol logoUSA Today has an article this morning about how American Idol producers choose the winning singles for the end of the season. It turns out the two songs that Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks sang last night were what the producers considered the best of 150 potential singles for the winner of American Idol. Producers want a song that is fittingly climactic but also would do well on Top 40 radio.

This year, Katharine's song, My Destiny, was written by Harry Sommerdal, Hanne Sorvag and Tim Baxter. Taylor's song, Do I Make You Proud, was written by Tracy Ackerman and Absolute. You know those songwriters all tuned in to American Idol last night with their friends and family to see their songs debut, only to have them bashed by the judges in front of 30 million people. And, I'm sorry songwriters, but I agree with the judges. Those songs were corny.

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and what about MEATLOAF?! I felt sorry for Katharine having to sing with him! It was an absolute mess! And people say they dont like the way Taylor moves?! Yikes!

I also agree that the singles were embarrassingly bad! Definitely to low for Katharine and it just wasnt a "Taylor" song. Bo's song is rediculous also. I am a huge AI fan and agreee that the songwriting needs major improvement! Go Taylor!

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Yes, the songs were very sappy. Embarressing, really. If 'Idol' wants it's winners taken seriously, they will get some real songwriters in there. One of the people in our chat group called it 'Disney-esque'....

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Joe T

To answer your question Jen, I'd say most folks on this board are from Planet Earth. So tell us, what planet are you from?

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S. Hicks

What the hell is wrong with the person or persons who decides what songs the AI finalists will sing? Could it be that they are Paula's drinking buddies? If so that would explain the terrible song choices. I have a one-eyed dog that could pick out better songs to howl at...

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Not only were the songs cheesy, but neither one of the finalists deserved the miserable gospel choir backup. They drown out the soloists, and ruin the finale!

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the show had so much trash in it, it was way long,, like a bad headache

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I am sorry to disagree, but I LOVED Taylors song!!! He did me proud! I like the lyrics and the way he made it his own, I think it fits with his journey on Idol and fits his voice. I agree that Kats song was terrible, it made me think she wrote it " my destiny", like she was the winner already. But have to say loved Taylors.

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the songs really bite, but the tape delay to the west coast sucks out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cookie Dunkerley

I felt sorry for Kat- that song was horrible for her.
I loved Taylor's song for him. He made it sound like he really meant what he was singing and he was thanking everyone who had voted for him.
Go Taylor!!!!

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