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September 3, 2015

Huff: Tapping the Squid

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 12th 2006 9:17AM

Huff; Showtime; Tapping the Squid; S02E11; Hank Azaria; Oliver Platt

(S02E11) I'm speechless. Every week I just watch this show and I'm so impressed. Shows like this are the reason I hardly read books. This is better than a book. Way better.

Taking a cue from Six Feet Under, the episode began with Huff dreaming that he was back home with Beth and Byrd. Until Byrd pulled a gun on his father. Dream sequence over. It's starting to seem that Huff is regretting his decision to leave Beth and these dreams are how he's dealing with it. It happened to him again during a session with a patient later that day. He just keeps spacing out. I'd like the think that the rest of this season will be about Huff finding himself and making amends with Beth. But after this episode, I seriously doubt we'll see that happen in the final two episodes.

Lots to talk about. Teddy is officially going off the deep end. Alyssa has been M.I.A. ever since he told her the truth and his voices are back. He keeps blabbing things like, "The time to take up arms is near" and "All the evidence must be destroyed." It was pretty freaky to see him in this state. While he was packing to go who knows where, Alyssa came back. She apologized for not calling, kissed him, held him. It was touching. She knew he wasn't well but I think she's going to stick around. Even though he had lied to her, Teddy was stable when Alyssa was with him. I'm really hoping these two can make it work.

I was very pleased to see Maggie utilized for a change. Remember that mail-room clerk that Russell screwed on his desk in exchange for a few lines of blow? Well she's back, has applied to Harvard Law, and wanted to know if Russell would mentor her for a few months. He eagerly agrees but it royally pissed off Maggie. She works her tail off for him. It's obvious that she has the chops to become a great lawyer and that mail-clerk girl is a complete airhead. While Russell apologizes to Maggie later on in a drunken stupor, I hope he maintains his apologies when he's sober again and gives Maggie a shot to be more than just his secretary. She deserves it.

That same evening, Beth and Byrd both had a lot going on too. Beth hosted a dinner party and she foolishly invited her friend Natalie. Natalie got drunk and for whatever reason she's incredibly put off by the fact that Beth has made a life for herself even though it's hit a rough patch. To get back at her, she tells everyone about the kiss she and Beth shared at the bar a few weeks ago. Beth had a chance to get back at Natalie by sleeping with her British boyfriend, but Beth took a pass.

Meanwhile, Byrd and Eli set-up James. They brought him over to Izzy's guest house under false terms and tied the punk to a chair. Byrd wanted an apology from James and went nuts on the kid. He was holding a lighter to his ear and knocked James unconscious. We've never seen Byrd like this. It was a complete 180°. They never showed us how they got rid of James' body. He wasn't dead but he was out cold. Izzy is on to Byrd though. She found the lighter under her couch so who knows where that will take us.

Huff is continuing to go downhill though. He and Russell hit up a karaoke bar and got wrecked off of some punch with a squid floating in it. Huff ended up screwing a prostitute in one of the back rooms because he hallucinated that it was Beth. Russell walked in on them and you could tell he felt incredibly guilty that he put Huff in a position where something like that could happen. Because that happened, I think it's only going to get worse. Don't forget that Huff kissed that pharmaceutical rep last season and he told Beth about that. I'm not sure he'll stay tight-lipped about this, but what if Russell were to say something? Two episodes to go and plenty of questions that need answers.

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A lady-friend of mine who watches Huff, wants to know about the music for the episode "Tapping the Squid." Anyone help?

Thank you!

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