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October 8, 2015

Strangers with Candy: Dreams on the Rocks

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 16th 2006 8:05AM

strangers with candy

(S01E03) I don't think there was ever a bad episode of Strangers with Candy, but if someone were to put a gun to my head and force me to name my least favorite episode, it would probably be this one. I think my main problem with it was actor Jacob Pitts, who plays "Craig Snow" in this episode. While I'm sure Pitts is a fine actor in his own right, he didn't seem to jibe with the cast the way their other guest stars tend to do. Strangers exists in its own weird universe, and one of the great things about the series is that everyone who is in it, whether it be the main characters or side characters, understands the pacing and rhythm, and their performances are pitch perfect. However, like any great jazz combo, you toss in one mediocre trombone player and everything starts to seem a little off.

In this episode, Jerri gets the part of "Mama" in her high school's production of Raisin in the Sun. In fact, despite their being several black students trying out for the play, the parts are all given to white students (the black students play trees). Oh yeah, and not just white students, but white students with last names like "Cream," and the aforementioned "Craig Snow." Craig soon learns that Jerri's stepmother is an alcoholic, a condition that worsens when she becomes jealous of Jerri's success. And why wouldn't she be jealous? She once played Peter Pan, and was even in a one-woman production of 12 Angry Men.

Craig convinces Jerri to attend a support group for people with alcoholic family members where people learn to blame other people for their problems. Ultimately, she learns that alcohol is not the answer, unless life is really intolerable, then sometimes it's just better to be a drunk.

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