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October 6, 2015

NewsRadio: Inappropriate

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 17th 2006 7:47PM
Foley and Tierney(S01E02) The second episode (after the pilot) of NewsRadio was actually the third episode filmed, and it introduces the Dave/Lisa relationship storyline. Paul Simms mentions in the commentary that NBC wanted Dave and Lisa to not get together so quickly, because they wanted a long dance a la Sam and Diane on Cheers. Actually, I think putting them together right away was a brilliant move, because it's different than what every other show does, it gives a nice base for all the episodes to start from, and it gives a great running subplot for the first half of the season. I also think that Dave telling Beth about the affair is a great move. It gives a secret for them to keep for the first half while also showing that Dave trusts Beth. A nice touch to get some closeness between the characters.

While Dave and Lisa argue about how their relationship shoud progress, Bill annoys Catherine by throwing her a birthday party and Matthew screws up Joey Buttafuoco's name on the air.

It's interesting that Matthew screwed up Buttafuoco's name on the air, because (as creator Paul Simms and Maura Tierney and others point out on the commentary), what the hell was Matthew doing on the air? Early on Matthew was an on-air reporter, and besides one other time (the subway crisis ep), I don't really remember Matthew being on air. Maybe this little incident made Dave gunshy about putting him on the air (yeah, I know, it wasn't that at all, but that could be the "storyline" reason).

Dave wants to end the relationship, while Lisa wants to keep it up but keep it a secret. Dave and Lisa end up having sex a couple of more times but decide to keep the romance going in secret (except for Beth knowing).

What's interesting about this ep is how many little plots are going. Not just the A plot of Dave and Lisa's secret relationship and the B plot of Matthew's screw up, but also subplots about Phil and Catherine's birthday tension, Phil and Catherine's secret affair they had a few years earlier (the writers almost kept this as a recurring plot, but dropped it), Jimmy trying to ease the tension between Dave and Lisa so the station isn't hurt, and Matthew thinking he's going to be fired for his mistake. The only person who doesn't really have any plot is Joe, but he gets in a couple of good lines.

Oh, and the clothing. On the commentary, Tierney and Simms remember that the wardrobe woman for the first seven eps, for some reason, wanted everyone to be padded: Tierney's bra, the shoulders and chests of the men. And some of the clothing is kinda odd.


"Well, Matthew, of all the possible mispronounciations of that name you seemed to have stumbled upon absolutely the worst one." - Dave, about Matthew saying "Buttafuoco" wrong on the air.

"Matthew, I'm just glad you didn't do a story on Forrest Tucker." - Jimmy, on Matthew's mistake.

"OK, OK, who did I hire as news director here? No, I'm really asking, I lose track of these things." - Jimmy, rhetorically asking Dave and Lisa about their argument but actually really meaning to ask.

"Wow, it's like Tracy and Hepburn." - Beth, about Dave and Lisa's arguments.

"I know, I just do it sarcastically because it amuses me." - Beth, after Dave tells her she doesn't have to call him "chief."

"Not anymore." - Beth, to Dave, after she told him she had sex with the Fed-Ex guy and Dave said he though they didn't use Fed-Ex anymore.

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