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October 4, 2015

Strangers with Candy: Jerri is Only Skin Deep

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 7th 2006 8:04AM

jerri blank(S01E06)

Orlando (Jerri's Filipino friend): You should run for Homecoming queen, Jerri.

Jerri: What? Are you joking? I don't think I'm what boys consider a "traditional beauty."

Orlando: In my country you'd be a real queen.

Jerri: Yeah, well, that's because your country is ruled by monkeys.

Orlando: Jerri, that's an ugly thing to say.

Jerri: Jeez, why are you people so sensitive about your resemblance to monkeys? They're adorable!

This episode begins with a game of dodgeball and Jerri having to sit out the game because of uneven teams. Also, it seems her teammates would rather have a slow girl with two broken arms play with them rather than Jerri. Despite not actually playing, Jerri manages to get hit with the ball, prompting Yasmine, a popular girl, to remark that Jerri is probably used to balls smacking against her face.

Jerri's self-esteem doesn't improve much when she hears people are signing up for Homecoming queen, but her friend Orlando convinces her she might have a shot. Jerri realizes her mistake later on when a note she tries to pass to Orlando is confiscated by Mr. Noblet who reads it out loud to the class, revealing that Jerri has decided to run for Homecoming queen, and that she also has a painfully itchy vagina. Thankfully, Orlando just happens to be carrying bolt cutters with him, so Jerri breaks into the ballot box and removes all but her own. She then writes in the name of a very nice but not especially attractive girl, thinking she'll be able to beat this plain girl with no problem.

What Jerri doesn't realize is that "inner beauty" is just as important when it comes to Homecoming, and it's the only way the shallow students and faculty are going to be able to choose between two ugly girls. Jerri tries to show she has inner beauty, but the performance she puts on for a handicap boy in which she uses a chicken and a weasel goes horribly awry. Finally, she decides to just go with what she knows, so when it comes time to give her speech, she begins chastizing people in the audience one by one in a free-flowing and hysterical parody of those speeches from ex-drug users and alcoholics we all had to sit through in school. Jerri ends her tirade by explaining she's a pathological liar and everything she's saying is the truth. Despite her efforts, Principal Blackman gives the crown to Yasmine, who wasn't even running in the first place. The lesson, it seems, is that inner beauty is important, but since this is high school, surface beauty is even more so.

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