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August 31, 2015

The X-Files: The Jersey Devil

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 9th 2006 8:14AM
dana scully
(S01E05)  Before I get into this episode, let me just say that season one of The X-Files is phenomenal. I had forgotten how many terrific episodes were packed into the first season. Chris Carter really seemed to have this show down solid right out of the gate. He set up the series with aliens, government cover-ups and monsters; and episode five of season one introduced us to the agents.

We learn that Mulder lives and breathes his work. He and Scully travel up to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Mulder butts heads with the local PD, who have jurisdiction over the case of a Bigfoot-looking creature that is killing homeless people. Mulder thinks it's the famous Jersey Devil, which chewed a man's arm off in the 1960s. He chooses to stay in Atlantic City for the weekend to look for the 'devil', while Scully returns to Washington, D.C. for her godson's birthday.

We learn that Mulder is thrilled to be spending his weekend on the streets with the homeless and in the drunk tank... all in the name of work. We also learn that Scully is having a hard time being so far removed from 'normal life'. Her best friend sets her up on a date but it's awkward and Scully finds she has nothing to talk about. At the end of the episode, we see Scully begin to give up her efforts to have a life outside of work when she blows off her date to join Mulder in the hunt for a forest-dweller. Her choice to spend time with Mulder seems to be out of sheer curiosity, but eventually we'll get some sexual tension between the agents.

(By the way- how about Scully's big hair and lace shirt with shoulder pads when she's out on a date? Very '80s!)

As for this X-File, Chris Carter uses this episode to delve into evolution. Forget mutants and genetic freaks: this time they're exploring the possibility of a missing link. Mulder ends up coming face-to-face with The Jersey Devil, a woman who was evidently raised in the forest just outside of Atlantic City. Scully just misses seeing the missing link when Mulder is attacked. But, for once, Mulder is vindicated when he and Scully catch up to the naked, hairy woman. Unfortunately, they don't get any answers from the woman because the trigger-happy sheriff's department kills her (and tastefully covers up her private parts with leaves).

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I was brought up in New Jersey and was always intrigued by the tale of the Jersey Devil. Who knows what lurks in the woods at night?

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