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August 27, 2015

NewsRadio: Luncheon at the Waldorf

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 15th 2006 8:08PM
NewsRadio(S01E06) This is one of the first episodes to show that Bill isn't always the type of person everyone thinks he is. He asks Beth to go with him to an industry luncheon, and everyone assumes that he's just asking her because he wants to "make his move" on her, as Matthew puts it. She starts to think that he has ulterior motives, especially after he requests that she wear her sexy blue dress.

Meanwhile, Dave discovers that the station is $6000 overbudget, and he does some investigating to figure out what's going on.

Bill buys a corsage for Beth, and they both go to the luncheon. While they're gone, Dave gets a tip from LIsa that Matthew's phone calls might be behind the station being over budget. Dave confronts Matthew, who's on the phone to a friend in France. Dave then confronts Catherine, who has been charging $200 to the station to get her hair done by a stylist. Dave doesn't understand why a radio personality needs to have a special hairdo.

Beth comes back from the luncheon upset, and asks to use Dave's office. Bill comes in behind her and everyone assumes that he had something to do with her being upset. But Beth says that he was a perfect gentlemen and did nothing wrong. Turns out that Beth was caught up in the moment and made a move on him! She kissed him in the limo. Dave has a meeting with them both and they try to convince Bill that Beth will not do that to him again, but Bill's not sure he feels "safe."

Dave finds out that besides the staff using the budget for personal reasons, Jimmy's personal helicopter is way over budget when it comes to fuel costs. Seems Jimmy likes to take the copter home during lunch to play with his dogs. Jimmy's solution? Increase the fuel budget for the copter!


"The same thing I'm doing right now, only with yogurt." - Beth, sitting with her feet up, reading a magazine, after Bill asked what she was doing for lunch.

"Why did she do that to me Lisa? How could she...French her daddy?" - Bill, wondering why Beth suddenly kissed him in the limo.

"Couldn't you guys just pretend to work when I walk by?" - Dave, to the gang, just standing around Lisa's desk.

"Wow, $6000. That takes me back to a time when $6000 was a lot of money to me." - Jimmy, after Dave told him they were over budget.

"Show me a woman who isn't jealous of another woman, and I'll show you a man." - Bill

"Well Lisa, if you and the rest of the vultures are through feasting on my entrails, I have a job to do." - Bill, after Beth told everyone that he didn't do anything to her.

"You are so naive Dave." - Beth, after Dave said she didn't have to subscribe to magazines in order to be eligible to win the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

"Good idea, since that's the one we're going to be using." - Jimmy, to Dave, after Dave said he'd like to hear Jimmy's solution to the overbudget problem first.

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Little by little, the fantastic quotes in these RetroSquad reviews are pushing me toward getting the Newsradio DVD. Thanks!

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