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October 9, 2015

Hustle: Episode 16

by Annie Wu, posted Jul 20th 2006 1:02PM
Hustle(S03E04) The episode started in the middle of a con, while the gang was having lunch with the mark. Stacie appeared in a traditional Indian dress, quite the vision. There was talk about a movie investment. The mark was an Indian fellow named Samar. He was extremely unkind and, as he left, Mickey remarked that he never wanted to take anyone's money so badly. Samar rode away in a limo, chaffeured by Danny. Suddenly, he said that everything was too perfect... "You're all con artists!" Danny turned around to try and make some excuse, but ended up driving into a stationary car. Crap.

Flashback to a few weeks ago. Albert spoke to an old friend of his and learned about Kulvinda Samar, a greedy sweatshop owner with a weakness for acting and Bollywood films. Albert tracked him down at a screening of a Bollywood film and roped him in, saying that he was an investor for an upcoming Bollywood-themed film but needed help with looking over the script. Mickey immediately went to work, playing the part of producer, by having Ash cut together some footage from an Indian wedding and screening it in a private viewing room. He wooed the receptionist at the viewing place by telling her that he was screening some clips from Ocean's 13, promising to let her speak to Brad Pitt if she let him in. As Danny worked on his seedlings (he was designated the role of chaffeur, so he picked up a gardening hobby to fill up the time, haha), Mick gave him a ring and made him play Brad for the receptionist. After some brief protest ("I can't do Brad Pitt! I sound like Donald Duck!"), he put on his best American accent and flirted with the girl.

With a free viewing room ready, Mick was ready to meet Samar. Albert accompanied him, introducing the two. Mick explained the idea for the film... It'd be a Romeo & Juliet story of forbidden romance, with a Bollywood twist and a Western cast. He also dropped the hint that one of the original investors backed out, even though there was a deal to have his daughter written into the story. Samar asked Mick to change the role so that he could have it (since he's always wanted to be an actor). So, Samar started going into talks to become the film's new investor. First, he had to visit the set of the film. Ash played JP, the director, and Stacie played Colette Silver, the stunning lead actress. Everything was moving extremely smoothly. It all came down to the lunchtime from the opening of the episode, when he dined with Mick, Albert, and Stacie. Mickey was really pushing a little too hard, and Samar wanted to make his decision to invest the next morning. Fast-forward, fast-forward through all the bits from the opening of the episode aaaand he's in a car crash, courtesy of Danny.

In the hospital, we see that Danny was in great condition, but Samar had temporary short-term memory loss. He couldn't remember anything from the past few weeks. The gang decided to take the risk and re-con him, but do fast work so that they'd be done before he regained his memory. This time around, they made sure to not make everything too good to be true. There was something that the gang didn't expect, though... Samar seemed to realize that, up to the point of his accident, he had been a greedy bastard. He visited the set again and there was a whole Bollywood-style dance scene, during which all the characters sang as their own selves... Samar sang that he was a changed man, promised to pay higher wages and gives his riches to charity. The gang sang that they wouldn't be able to go through with the con because Samar was now an honest man. And then Samar revealed that he remembered that the gang had conned him before... Shhh.

That evening, just as Samar was about to out the gang, Mick told him that all their footage was caught in a fire and was completely destroyed. Both parties backed down. Samar saw Danny playing with one of his plants and gave it to him, as a final gift.

I really hated the ending. Samar said that he was a changed man and planned to pursue his original dream of becoming an actor. Although the gang lost money in setting up the con, Danny found out that the plant Samar gave him was actually worth a lot of money. It wrapped up a little too nicely... like they didn't have enough time to create a real ending.

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You know, the ending was a little pat--I kept wondering how the gang was going to make their money this time, as they always do when the con goes sour--but it also worked as a reminder that even though they didn't con the reformed guy and Danny talks to his plants, they really are still out for your money.

The Bollywood sequence, despite going on a little too long, was pretty flipping awesome.

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