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July 1, 2015

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Gives Back

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 21st 2006 10:20AM

The cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(S02E06) Hi, everybody! Rich Keller here on behalf of Jonathan Toomey, who is currently without electricity. So, while he takes cold showers and eats all of the remaining ice cream in his freezer so it doesn't melt I will be reviewing this week's episode of Sunny in Philadelphia.

Now, I haven't watch the show from the beginning, so I'm not familiar with the whole "flaming poo" incident where the gang actually burned down a building and were charged with arson. However, it seems to be biting them on the butt now as they have been given several hours of community service to accomplish. For most of the gang its over to the gym to coach the youth basketball program. For Charlie, who actually threw said bag of flaming poo, its garbage pickup on the highway and sessions at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to see if he can be redeemed.

I've read Jonathan Toomey's very positive reviews of this show, and heard the comparisons of Sunny to Seinfeld. Yet, I didn't see any comparison to the classic series. Furthermore, I must have hit a weak episode, because I didn't find it very funny.

Other than a few snickers here and there (Charlie bringing a beer to an AA meeting, for example) I found the episode a bit annoying. Particularly the scenes where Dee, Mac and Dennis (and eventually Dad) coach the youth basketball program. I know that these characters are fairly unsympathetic and care only about themselves, but the whole setup was just wrong. It wasn't offensive (to me at least); the whole concept just wasn't doing it for me.

The one exception in this episode was Charlie. I guess if you were to have some small comparison to Seinfeld Charlie would be like Kramer. He seems to be the most emotional (in a self-centered sort of way) of the entire group of friends. In tonight's episode he meets up with the coffee shop waitress from the episode 'Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom' and tries to hook up with her. However all she wants to do is be her AA sponsor, and that's only to get closer to Dennis. Charlie really likes this girl and actually goes to lengths of becoming a referee at the youth basketball game to impress the waitress, who thinks that it's great that Dennis was working with kids.

While I didn't really enjoy the episode I did find it intriguing, like watching a car accident. It may be that it needs to grow on me, and I'll probably watch some other episodes just to see if I reviewed a weak one. Jonathan, hope ConEd gets your power up soon, so the next cold front can knock it out again.

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