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October 10, 2015

Brotherhood: Matthew 5:6

by Michael Canfield, posted Jul 30th 2006 11:30PM
The Caffee Brothers(S01E04) Matthew 5:6: "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied."

Family loyalty trumps all again this week. A combination of Mike's littering the neighborhood with counterfeit bills and his slicing off a fellow mob soldier's ear (in the pilot -- who then turned informant) gets the secret service to show up at mama Rose Caffee's Sunday dinner with a search warrent. They toss the house and come up empty. Almost empty anyway, as the particular timing of the search appears to be planned to embarrass state assemblyman Tommy Caffee as much as anything. Though I missed how this is supposed to help the secret service in their investigation of gangster brother Mike Caffee. Maybe the feds are merely headline hungry. Good episode.

Tom Caffee's "hunger and thirst for righteousness," don't seem to give the satisfaction promised in the title quote, and he hardly seems blessed, poor guy.Tommy loses his tax credits (and his real estate deal) because the attention by the feds makes his too noticeable at the moment, and the speaker of the assembly pulls his support. Tommy's retaliations against the feds (he uses his connections to get the agents kicked out of their hotel, and he harasses the interests of the wife of the judge who signed the search warrant) are petty and don't even make him feel that good. So Tommy loses big this week, although his wife, Eileen, seems to have cut back on extra-curricular activities for the moment. She only smokes one joint, and brushes off the advances of the shoe salesman that she seemed disposed to accept last week.

Mike Caffee manages to pull off his own revenge for the federal investigation smoothly. Smoothly for himself anyway. There are casualties. But Mike is the golden child. No matter how much crap he rations out, and how much destruction he causes, he manages to wriggle a hug out of his brother in the end, and the Caffee clan continues to believe the family mythology the mother Rose Caffee has so well constructed over the years. The question left hanging is, when will Tom Caffee grow-up and put the needs of his own wife and kids over those of Momma's special boy -- big brother Mike?

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