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September 1, 2015

The Prisoner: It's Your Funeral

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 2nd 2006 1:50PM

New plot twists in store for Number 6(S01E10) Although the "landlords" at the Village have thwarted Number 6's numerous attempts to escape, they still haven't broken him down psychologically enough to make him reveal the reasons why he resigned. This episode centers around assassination, espionage, conspiracy, and "the truth", in whatever form it turns out to be in the Village.

This is a rather complicated story about a young lady informing Number 6 of an assassination plot that, if it does take place, will likely have severe repercussions foisted upon the rest of the Villagers. Of course, Number 6 is quite skeptical over the whole thing, but as we've come to know over the past episodes, he is never one to shy away from fulfilling his quest to find out more about what goes on in the Village.

We then see a new Number 2, a hip 60s type of chap, engage in some planning of his own which, of course, involves surveillance of Number 6's daily activities. (Dig the wild "Kosho" game!) Later on, Number 6 discovers that an old man, a watch/clock repairman, the father of the young lady, is seeking to kill Number 2 by blowing him up via a detonation device during Appreciation Day.

However, things get a bit more twisted as Number 2 doesn't seem all that concerned after Number 6 tells him about the rumored plot to kill him. In fact, Number 2 tries to convince Number 6 to join in on a plot of his own, but Number 6 seems to think that Number 2 is being duped. We then see Number 6 sneak into the repairman's shop and discover the detonation device.

So as not to give away the rest of the story, let me just say that Number 2 might not be all we think he is and that it could be Number 6 imagining things because, if you remember from the episode "Many Happy Returns", he was away for a while and things may have occurred at the Village that may have clouded his judgment.

The story comes together on Appreciation Day, and it looks like things have taken a new turn for Number 6.

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