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October 10, 2015

Blade: Delivery

by Michael Canfield, posted Aug 3rd 2006 8:46AM
Blade and Krista(S01E06) My DVR picked up the last five minutes of Spike's timely lead-in for Blade tonight: Lethal Weapon. Seems there is no escaping Mel Gibson this week.

On the ongoing subject of Blade's relative unimportance to this show, especially compared with Krista (Jill Wagner), I will give that theme a rest this week and merely refer you to insightful comments posted last week by techjitsu and others. I live in hope of a Blade-centric episode one day, and this almost promises to qualify at first, as the daywalker has to transport a pregnant woman (Vanessa) whose unborn baby Marcus wants for something to safety. Or take her someplace, they are on a train to Paris anyway. Turns out Blade (Kirk Jones) is taking her to see a doctor he trusts. "Delivery" -- get it? Their travel is punctuated by several brief fight scenes, and it turns out she's not actually pregnant -- at least in the conventional sense.

Krista goes to an art opening with Marcus, and has one of her signature poignant moments, this time while looking a depressing painting made by a fellow Gulf vet. Her uncle shows up, and tells Krista her Mom has taken ill.

Chase (Jessica Gower) survived! Now Marcus sends Krista to Berlin the complete Chase's mission to bring the pregnant woman back to him. Krista objects, briefly. OH COME ON!!! Marcus has a whole frikkin' clan of vampires that he allegedly controls and he sends Krista?!? Again?!?!

She's only been a vampire a few weeks and hardly trustworthy. That wacky Marcus is so smitten with her though, and -- more importantly -- the cranky engine of the plot creaks forward, and we gotta get Krista back in the field Arrrgh. A lot of what follows in this subplot plays like low-rent Alias, read Sydney for Krista, Vaughan for Blade, and House of Chthon for SD-6.

On other tracks: instead of Krista and her Mom, for a change this week's dream sequence features Blade and his Mom. The money quote: "If I'd a know what a murderous son of a bitch you'd turn out to be, I'd a killed you in my womb," says dream-Mom, very thematically. And the dream goes downhill from there, as she forces Blade to drive a -- err -- blade into her pregnant belly. Damn, no wonder Blade doesn't say much from week to week, not with carrying that kind of thing around in his psyche.

Before setting off in her assignment, Krista visits her Mom in the hospital, where it turns out Mom has leukemia and needs a blood transfusion -- which Krista can't comply with, being undead and all. This causes her uncle to believe she's a junkie. It so sucks to be a vampire trapped between the lightness and the dark.

Chase meanwhile, is suffering, burned to a hideous crisp, and I guess that is what it takes for Marcus to notice her again after he first caught sight of Krista.

Charlotte, the kid vampire -- I mean, the pureblood -- reads the riot act to Marcus over his many dubious leadership moves of late, and --- bless her heart -- the kid (Emily Hearst) acting the role almost pulls off it off, which is all that can be asked, I think.

Krista's team ends up in Paris, about to raid the doctor's and take the girl back to Marcus, when Krista's pulls off a sweet double-cross. But this leaves her with the problem of making it believable to Marcus that she fought Blade, got what she was after, and still managed to lose her entire team and allow Blade to escape again. She makes Blade give her a nasty wound across her face and eye. As if Marcus didn't have enough to hate Blade for yet. Near the end of the episode we see that Chase is healing up nicely. A quick scene to check in with the cop investigating and hunting Boone and we are out. Previews look interesting and -- if they are accurate -- we will be delving deeper into Blade's wretched childhood next week.

For some real action, a promo ran tonight that promises Spike is airing three James Bond movies back-to-back this weekend.

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The show is awesome! Where can I get a picture of the car Blade drives?

August 08 2006 at 4:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Gordon Werner

would Krista donating bone marrow make the recipient a vampire? or does Krista have to drop her mom off of the hospital roof first?

August 05 2006 at 11:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mack Swift

An enjoyable episode all around, and the plot thickens. What was that goop they delivered out of Vanessa?? Interesting indeed.

I liked both Blade's and Krista's roles this week. Especially that little double pistol-double cross of Krista's and when she showed up at the doc's front door. Nice!

I have to admit though that I am starting to agree with you guys; Blade (Sticky) is a sloppy fighter! However, a fanboy friend of mine made good note of this -

Since Sommerfield (the blind chick in the last movie) is dead and she's the one who made Blade's serum for him; so she knew how to make it and have it not affect Blade's vampire super powers. It's possible that the serum they're making now is affecting his super speed, stamina, strength, etc (didn't they allude to something about the serum and Sommerfield in the pilot?). And Krista was bitching, while Blade was injecting her, that she's sick of not being able to use her super powers.

Next week's episode looks good. I wonder if the leader of the Bad Bloods is a daywalker of some sort. He was stabbed with Blade's sword and all his leg did was smoke a little. Oh yeah, and more Krista is always a good thing.

August 04 2006 at 9:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did you notice that it wasn't just Krista's eye that was made to look like she wasin a battle but it appeared that she lost her right hand as well. That had to have sucked!

August 03 2006 at 9:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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