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October 6, 2015

Dog Bites Man: Assignment: Gas Prices

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 3rd 2006 11:31AM

(S01E08) dog bites manIn this episode the KHBX news team finds out they might all be fired due to budget cuts. As Tillie tells her co-workers in the opening scene, it's either going to be them or the Doppler radar, and the Doppler is pretty popular.

Since everyone is convinced their days are numbered, they each being to look into different jobs. Alan the director decides to get into the business of directing Korean karaoke videos, which seems like a natural career move since his mother was bisexual. When Tillie corrects him and says he actually meant "bilingual" he explains that his mother's lover was actually Korean.

Marty, on the other hand, decides to try stand-up comedy, and in what manages to be both the funniest and least funniest scene he tries his act out at a comedy club where an agent is in attendance, and bombs horribly. Of course, A.D Miles, who plays Marty, is bombing on purpose, and it's funny to watch the agent try to explain to him why she won't take him on as a client.

Tillie and Kevin decide that to boost ratings they should have a "Win a Date with Kevin Beekin" contest, but no one is interested so they change it to "Win a Date with a Mystery Celebrity" (who happens to be Kevin Beekin). An actual person (not an actor) wins the contest, and of course he has no idea who the actor Matt Walsh is, much less the fictional news reporter he plays on television. As they sit uncomfortably in the restaurant the man waffles and tries to fish for clues to figure out who this supposed "celebrity" is, but Kevin/Matt won't tell him.

Before all of that, the team goes to a local college to teach some students about journalism. Marty explains the importance of having a fanny pack, while Alan conducts a weird kind of Zen exercise and blindfolds himself and the students while he stumbles around and falls over things. Tillie tells the girls that sometimes they have to use "Nielsen and the ratings" (their boobs) to get a story. When one girl asks if they always have to resort to sex to accomplish something, Tillie tells her that yes, they do.

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This show is quite funny, and it really makes me squirm. The cast does a great job I think.

How about Alan bringing out the museum curator's prejudice against the Koreans?

August 03 2006 at 1:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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