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October 10, 2015

Sports Night: Shoe Money Tonight

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 3rd 2006 8:30PM

Brenda Strong(S01E10) The two anchors that do the 2am West Coast update are stuck in Pittsburgh because of a snowstorm, which means Dan and Casey have to give up their night in Atlantic City to do the show. So they put together a staff poker game.

Meanwhile, Natalie is mad at Jeremy for ditching her the other night and playing tennis with a movie star, and she plans on making him pay when they play poker. Dana confronts Sally about the way she's going to produce the 2am update, and Isaac thinks he's shrinking.

Jeremy warns Natalie not to take our her anger at him by trying to beat him at poker, but she ignores him (Josh Malina actually is a very good poker player; he co-created Celebrity Poker Showdown and his characters on Sports Night and The West Wing are always seen as great poker players). Natalie is not only losing her money, but she is getting all the terminology wrong. Dan tries to help Jeremy with Natalie, but he's not much help. He decides that Natalie needs to be taught a lesson. He goes to the table and tells her to fold her hand because he has a straight and he knows she has trip sevens. He makes a nice speech about him not being like her other boyfriends, she can trust him, and he's telling her the truth. Natalie looks at him lovingly, then decides he's bluffing. But he's not. He does have a straight, and Natalie does have three sevens. He tells her it's probably best if they don't sleep together tonight, and Natalie agrees but then mentions that if they did she'd have to wear one of his white dress shirts because she doesn't have any clothes at his apartment. This makes him cave (been there).

Dana confronts Sally about how she is going to produce the 2am update, saying out loud that she thinks Casey is cute and even if she just uses him for sex and his contacts, it might be worth having a relationship with him. She also tells Dana that Casey approved her copy. This makes Dana confront Casey. They have one of their arguments, and Casey gets the impression that Dana is jealous of Sally's body. Dana still likes Casey.

At the end, Dana decides to produce the 2am update, which pleases Casey.


"It's gonna be a few more times." - Elliott, after Jeremy asked Natalie "how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?"

"And be sure Casey sees your cleavage as you walk out...there you go." - Dana, watching a monitor of Sally talking to Casey on the set.

"So don't adjust that dial, and while we're gone, if any talking animals ask you to buy tacos or beer, for God's sake do what they tell you to." - Casey, ending the show.

"Not only that, but it was like a half hour ago and we're still talking about it." - Casey, to Dan, who said he's "in the zone."

"Hey, if we're gonna fight, can it not be about Henny Youngman?" - Jeremy, to Natalie, who made a point about Henny Youngman, when she meant Benny Goodman, when Jack Benny was brought up.

"Bummer. What are you going to do with your suits?" - Dan, to Isaac, about Isaac's shrinking.

"A man's past is more important to him than his future." - Dan, to Jeremy, explaining what women don't understand about men.

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Will/Chris - "You know a Judy Rooty Tooty?"

Jeremy - "Judy Reston-Taylor. We went to school together."

Will/Chris "I hear she's great in that new movie."

Natalie - "Thank you Siskel and Ebert!"


Natalie - "Rack 'em up!"

Jeremy - That's pool, you mental paitent!"

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