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October 13, 2015

Strangers with Candy: The Trip Back

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 4th 2006 9:03AM

strangers with candy(S01E10) Well, kids, this is the finally episode of Strangers with Candy, season one. I hope everyone enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and that you found these reviews to be equal parts informative and arousing. This episode brings everything full circle and Jerri ends up back in prison again by the end, though she informs us she'll be out in time to start school once the summer is over.

At the beginning of the episode, Jerri is elated to learn she's getting a D in history, which means she'll actually be able to pass and move on to her sophomore year. Unfortunately, she befriends a stoner who gets Jerri hooked on pot and she begins to neglect her homework. She also makes a bong out of clay in art class, which Jelineck correctly points out is missing a carb hole. Jelineck tries to persuade his students not to smoke marijuana, telling them he once tried it but that "the only thing it fixed was my life."

This episode also marks the return of Officer Savillion, who appeared in the first scene of the very first episode (Savillion is played by Mitch Rouse, also the head fireman on some episodes of Reno 911!). Rouse goes undercover as a student to bust the potheads, but none of the kids fall for his ruse. Toward the end of the episode he actually maces Mr. Noblet for writing the word "opium" on the blackboard, and then maces him again at the hospital.

Since she's spending all her time getting high, Jerri fails her final examine, so Mr. Noblet offers to give her a make-up test, but she gets stoned the night before that, too, and misses it. When Orlando confronts her, she tries to explain herself but only ends up cutting his throat and ankles with a sword. While confessing to Orlando she's busted by Officer Savillion, who throws both her and Mr. Jelineck into a women's prison. Of course, she does try to lie to Orlando initially, telling him he was actually attacked by some "sexy, muscular black guys."

Best line: "Never talk about your marijuana exploits in front of an undercover cop."

Trivia: The title of this episode is also the name of a documentary about Florrie Fisher, Amy Sedaris' inspiration for the character of Jerri Blank.

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