Author of unauthorized Clay Aiken bio is suing Clay Aiken

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 7th 2006 7:49PM
clay aikenLet me get this straight. A woman in North Carolina writes a book about Clay Aiken. It's about his life. It's based on information from her neighbors, who were once friends with Clay's mom. Clay says the book is full of lies. The author decides to sue Clay because he's keeping her from making money off of him.

Anyone else's head spinning?

It's not really complicated, just stupid. The author, Jeannie Holleman, filed a lawsuit against Clay and his mother, claiming they tried to "defame her and depress sales of her book" by acting like they don't know her and releasing statements that the book is full of lies. Get this: She wants $260,000 and has asked that Clay retract statements he made about the book, endorse the book on his official website, write an introduction to the book, and sell it at concerts for the next five years. I'm not sure what's funnier, her demands or the name of her book, Out of the Blue - 'Clay' it Forward.

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First off, an allegation of a sexual interaction brought up by some guy who claims he never wanted any publicity from it (then why does he keep talking to newspapers and trash tabloids?).... but anyway, an allegation is not proof... it is simply one person saying something that may or may not be true. It is simply a rumor and how many rumors in our day have we heard, that turned out to be false? Maybe Clay is gay, maybe he's not. But, even if he is, it doesn't mean that the allegations by John have any truth whatsoever.

The woman who wrote the book should not get a dime off her lawsuit. As a matter of fact, Clay should file a lawsuit against her for defamation of character. Then he should do the same to John Paulus.

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Yolanda...if he is gay he lied. He is the one that set himself up at the moral beacon in which his Claymates should follow. He is the one who constantly made it an issue. If he had just made it about the music and the voice and not his purity then it wouldn't be an issue. Some people get really turned off by blantant hypocrisy.

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yolanda garciay

Seriously folks, do we love him because he may or may not be gay?? Who cares? He has the right to choose either or. What counts is that he has a beautiful voice. We voted him American Idol because he had a great voice not because we thought he might be gay. So leave him alone and let him sing. He has a wonderful gift. Let him share it with us, who enjoy the sound of his voice and the beautiful music he makes.

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What the heck is a Groucho? Isn't that a character on Sesame Street? Are you feeling ok djs? Why would you blame my thought process on an unsuspecting Sesame Street Character? Oh wait, that is Oscar the Grouch. So then that begs that question, what is a Groucho?

That is really unfortunate if what you are saying is true though. If this Jeanne planned this whole thing as a type of extortion from way back when, how truly sad is that? It stinks royally to be embroiled in any type of a lawsuit; I can't imagine why anyone would ever seek that type of thing out intentionally. I went and reread the comments made by those close to Clay in regards to this book at the time. It does appear that what you state it correct, they just warned people about her, they didn't necessarily say not to buy the book. What a sure seems that being famous has a lot of pitfalls. I would be horrible not knowing who around you was just waiting for an opportunity to pounce and make a buck. I hope this lawsuit is shown to be as frivolous as it is. Good luck to all of those involved who are being used.

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Well, it looks like Groucho and one of the other voices in his head have taken over this blog comment section. In any event, takesallkindsandbravo (same person, IMO) this is about the lawsuit, not your bizarre agenda.

Holleman moved to Raleigh in the last few years to pursue a degree in civil litigation.
From the looks of letters she has sent to Faye, and other things in her book, she has been laying the groundwork for this extortion-like move for quite a while.
Too bad she did not do her homework and see that NO books about Clay have sold very well - why would fans buy books about fans? They share all of their stories on the internet - for free.
And maybe Holleman and/or her lawyer did not take the internet into account - they cannot carefully control what version of, say, the Hawaii BAF trip, that people are presented with in the complaint - people who were actually there have communicated a quite different side to that story. Well before the complaint was filed, too.
Oh, and Faye never said to not buy the book; she said that IF one buys the book, please be aware of these untruths.

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Hey Darrel,

Y'know, your opinion isn't worth my time and energy. I don't care who your friends are and what you've heard. All I know is that Clay would be the better person to just address the issue as he did the Holloman book case. People can tell you ANYTHING on a website or public blog that they want you to know and you're none the wiser. End of story. Now I've got a family, etc. to worry about, rather than dive into a fan group or read his friends' blogs as you have. He's shown doesn't care enough about his fans to even give them the courtesy to address "The Problem."

Again--think twice about believing everything you read.

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Oops, I said last comment but I was wrong. I had a typo, I do know my homophones, I read two novels a week after all....

I said: It makes SINCE that his nana would assume he was straight, Lance's mom did too.

I meant to say SENSE.

It is late and no one should drive a keyboard while under the influence of exhaustion.

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You have your story Darrel and I have mine, fair enough. By the way, I didn't do anything to Clay's good name that needed defending though. I basically stated he is a human being with faults and flaws like us all. I just stated what I know. I don't understand how so many of Clay's fans have come to believe in his sanctity? How many times has he said, "My fans think they know me but they don't!"? "If I had a halo, it would be crooked." etc. He wasn't just being "endearing" when he made those comments. In fact, he has said stuff like that more than he has indicated he was straight.

Just a few last parting questions for you though, you don't have to answer them, just think about it. Have you asked one of those "connections" point blank whether or not Clay was gay or are you just going by the comments made in Rolling Stone over 3 years ago? Has it ever occurred to you that others have had the same experience as yourself and have walked away with a very different conclusion of him than you have?

Something to think about, Lance Bass' mom didn't even know he was gay until a few weeks before the People magazine interview was published. That is why he finally came out, he wasn't out with his mom and the rumors kept surfacing that he was hanging out at gay bars, etc. which interestingly enough started in a tabloid, hmmmm imagine that? Lance's Mom googled him after hearing some of those rumors recently in Page Six I believe it was, the same place that has covered Clay's story, and she saw the rumors all over the net the same way Clay's have been and she confronted Lance. He finally decided to tell his story and that is what he did.

I doubt seriously that Clay's nana would be aware of what Clay is doing in that department by the way, nor would she or his Personal Assistant mention it to you at the Hawaiian gala. I can hear it now, "Thanks for supporting the foundation and bringing us out to Hawaii and by the way Clay is straight". I think you are assuming a lot. It makes since that his nana would assume he was straight, Lance's mom did too. Many of the people you mentioned have loyalty to their employer and have to do what they are instructed. I seriously doubt you (or any of "your people", that was really funny by the way, are you part of the mafia or something? "Your People"...) have asked Quiana or Angie point blank if Clay was gay. I heard Quiana "support" of Clay on that radio station on Valentine's Day and that wasn't very convincing. I think you guys get so defensive when you hear people state this side of things because deep down you know he isn't quite as straight as you need to believe him to be.

Whatever the case is, neither you nor I have reeeeeally been in that position to know for absolute sure one way or another, now have we? Somehow when it is all said and done, I get the feeling that what I am saying will be proven to be true in the end. I hope for your sake, since it seems to matter so much to you that he isn't gay and you have so much of yourself invested in him, that you are right. Heck, I hope that for Clay's sake too because then he wouldn't have hooked up with John Paulus and others anonymously and then he wouldn't be putting himself at risk. Anyway, here is to hoping your view is right. Good luck with that. Oh, that will be my final comment too if you would like. ;-) Tootles......

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Hey Bravo Bravo,
one last thing in response to you rude remark to "shut my trap"; if you need verification that what I said is TRUE, then you can go to Angela Fisher's(Clay Aiken's back-up singer and friend) Blog at and view all of her blogs where I blog under "Darrel" with her there too. I talk about the Gala Event in Hawaii and our mutual friend (hers, Clay's and mine), that we know. She acknowledges her and asks me to say "hello" for her. She, Quiana, and Nick (Clay's assistant) all keep in touch with this "friend". They KNOW Clay better than anybody! This is the friend and the event that I am referring to in my last response to "It.takes.all.kinds"!

Clay is a decent and good man that is being slandered by people that are claiming to know him. Well I Do know people that REALLY know him and work with him and they would NEVER spread these horrible lies that people are saying about him. Read Angie's blog's or Quiana's articles about their friend Clay; they tell you how wonderful a person he is and Quiana laugh's at anyone who dares to call Clay gay and says that is absolutely "not true". She was also asked about all the allegations in the tabloids and she said it was "not true". This is from his FRIEND; I will believe her, over someone that met him at a concert. Go to her website and listen to her interviews.
Again-- Let's get back on topic

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Last comment to It.takes.all.kinds:
Let me tell you something also; I too know people who know Clay Aiken personally and that work with him; they say he is "straight". We had the honor and the privilege of working with him here in Hawaii at a fund raiser with his Bubel/Aiken Foundation. My people keep in contact with Clay, his people and his band Quiana, and Angie)both, who still keep in touch- personally; we are active in fundraising for his foundation. His "Nana" and Nick were also here in Hawaii attending that same fundraiser and we had the honor of meeting them also. People that grew up with Clay should know him better then the people that are gossiping about him for what ever reason.
It is because of his personal connection to Hawaii and their personal connection to Clay(the leis that was sent to him during his tour) that Clay will always consider them part of his family;and we will defend his "good name" always.

This topic has gotten off subject here; so I am ending it now. You will believe what you want to believe and I choose to support this decent human being by believing what he has been saying from his first interview with "The Rolling Stones" that he "is not gay". End of discussion
Back to the topic at hand----

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