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August 28, 2015

Sports Night: Smoky

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 13th 2006 7:15PM

(S01E12) Sports Night castIsaac knows that one day he won't be in charge at the show forever (especially after embarrassing him by supporting the college players in the last episode) , so he wants to groom Dana to take over someday. But she doesn't even want to talk about it. He wants her to come to the monthly executive meetings, but she doesn't want to. He tells her not to tell anyone what they've talked about.

She immediately tells Natalie.

Meanwhile, Dan thinks it's time to get Casey back into the dating scene.

However, Dan doesn't think that Casey should pursue Sally. She's way too beautiful, almost inhuman, an alein, and he thinks she has a hidden agenda. Dan seems to be flirting with her, though he didn't even realize he was. Meanwhile, Sally finds out that Isaac might be leaving, so she's very blunt about the fact that she wants Dana's job if Dana gets Isaac's. Isaac assures her that he isn't leaving, but she doesn't believe him. Isaac isn't happy that the fact he might be leaving is getting around.

Casey asks Dan if he really thinks Dana was flirting with him. Dan says "you mean Sally?" Casey says it was just a mistake, but Dan knows better. Dan tells Dana that someone was flirting with him, and Dana guesses immediately that it was Sally, because "she's always flirting" with Casey. Dan wants to know how to flirt, so Dana says to practice by flirting with her. She says to tell her why he likes her better than Dana. He stalls, but when she starts to walk away, he says she's "smoky." She's not sure what that means, but she likes the sound of it.

Kim and Elliott ask Isaac if they can have Dana's job if he leaves, and Isaac is sick of all the gossip, so he holds a meeting with everyone and says he's not leaving. Everything is the same and there will be no changes, and everyone should work as a team. He also tells Dana that what he says in his office should stay in his office. Sally assures Isaac that everyone on the 2am broadcast is a team player for the network, not even realizing that Isaac was mostly talking about her when he said everyone should work as a team.


"Everybody still wears shoes, right?" - Casey, to Dan, who said that things have changed "out there" in the dating scene.

"I told many, many people." - Jeremy, after Dana said she only told Natalie that Isaac might be leaving, and Natalie said she only told Jeremy.

"Please don't EVER say that again." - Casey, after Dan said "you could be having sex with Yoko Ono right now."

"I assumed you were doing that in your head." - Sally, to Dan, who told her "you see how you told me that without taking off your clothes?"

"It's not time to dally with Sally...that was an unfortunate rhyme, but still..." - Dan, to Casey, about flirting with Sally.

"No, I think she wants to rule Metropolis." - Dan, after Casey asked if he thinks Sally wants a job as a Sports Night producer.

"You're on at 2am Sally. Your competition is a Bonanza rerun and four guys making cheese." - Isaac, after Sally said the ratings for her show are great.

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The two lines before Jeremy's great line are almost as great:

Dana: I only told Natalie. She's my second in command.

Natalie: I only told Jeremy. He's my boyfriend.


Dan: He's talking about you, ya freak.

Issac: Thank you, Daniel.


Dan: I say she has no reflection.

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