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October 4, 2015

Reno 911!: Son of a Chechekevitch

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 14th 2006 11:40AM

reno 911(S04E06) Fans of Reno 911! know there's been a running gag since the first season in which Dangle always has his bike stolen from him in broad daylight, even when he tries to lock it to something. In the opening scene of this episode he thinks he's found a fool-proof way to catch the person that keeps swiping his bike: he uses a special mirror to hide behind a building and peer out at his bike. Unfortunately, just as he gets the mirror adjusted somebody zips by on his bike and grabs the mirror.

After the opening credits we get into the real meat of the episode, which begins with Sheriff Chechekevitch being hauled into an ambulance and telling Dangle to avenge his death. Chechekevitch also appeared in season two during a three-episode story arc when Jones and Garcia were being charged with murdering a man dressed as a milkshake. The deputies all love him, at least, they think he was pretty good for a Polish sheriff. Really, they've had better sheriffs.

Chechekevitch's widow, a blonde knockout, arrives at the funeral with a man on her hip. The deputies immediately suspect she killed her husband, so Dangle and Junior decide to stakeout her house. Dangle begins to think the man might just be PJF ("Platonic Jew Friend") but then she puts on a dominatrix outfit, which pretty much just confuses things even more.

Brian Posehn has a great part in this episode as a soft-spoken medical examiner who keeps acting as if he's never done his job before. His friend Patton Oswalt also returns for this episode, yet again playing a man at a Renaissance Fair. This time he's become stuck in a port-a-potty behind his "main jousting weapon," but he insist Wiegel and Kimball can't help him because only a male can touch his weapon. While they try to figure out how to help him, somebody slaps a big red "A" on Wiegel's shirt. You know, cause she's pregnant and all.

They never do figure out who killed the Sheriff, but it looks as if this storyline is going to continue next week, and it's only going to get weirder.

Some other great moments:

Wiegel shows up at a school assembly and repeats what the teacher is saying using "sign language." At least, she uses what seems to be her own personal version of sign language. When the teacher asks what she's doing, Wiegel innocently replies, "I just wandered in. Where's the bathroom?"

A drug dealer near a school disguises references to drugs in his songs that are ostensibly about God. The scene ends with probably the best line of the episode: "You can't snort the Lord!"

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