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October 22, 2014

Kyle XY: Memory Serves

by Michael Canfield, posted Aug 15th 2006 12:21AM
Kyle XY(S01E08) Though listings on TV.com and my onscreen channel guide showed that this episode was to air last Friday on ABC -- it was actually the previous episode "Kyle Got Game" that ran on the network that night. Tonight, under hypnosis Kyle (Matt Dallas) starts making noises like a tape-recorder rewinding or something, when he is disturbed yet again by the few spotty patches of his memory that remain. Is he schizophrenic (nah), an android (probably not), or something else?

Kyle, foster-sister Lori, and friend Declan head to university to find out what they can about the mysterious (and missing) professor Kern that Kyle sees in visions from his hidden past.
Kyle takes some brain tests (with typically spectacular results), while a college boy macks on Lori. Poor Declan -- who stands looking wistful as Lori trots off with her new friend. There's a shocker when the trio finds a display case of photos in Professor Kern's former office. A discovery that raises more questions about Kyle than it answers. Meanwhile, back home, poor under-appreciated Josh is the one who actually stumbles onto the answer of what was actually going on with Kyle's speech under hypnosis.

Good show, lots of tension and mystery, with more than a touch of humor -- not to mention teen and family angst. And the final scene of this episode turns everything on its head -- although Kyle seems to buy into the warning from someone he had thought an enemy pretty easily -- and gets Declan to go along with it pretty easily too.

Hey, and for those who came to the series late (like I did): can catch a marathon all ten episodes right through to the finale, starting at 11am Monday August 28th on ABC Family.

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