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October 7, 2015

Sports Night: Small Town

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 17th 2006 8:23PM

Sports Night(S01E13) This isn't the "funniest" episode of Sports Night (and I think I sense them using the laugh track less here), but it's a truly solid episode, because it tells a lot about the characters, strengthens the relationships they all have, and has three different plots that work seperately but also work off of each other too.

Casey and Dana have a night off on the same night, so they decide to double date: Casey will be with on a blind date with a lawyer (Lisa, with an "S" but pronounced Liza), and Casey will be with Gordon. Neither Casey nor Dana really want to go on the date (they think they'll be too uncomfortable), but Isaac won't let them work that night just because a trade "may" happen.

Meanwhile, Natalie is in charge for the night, and Dan has to deal with a substitute anchor who insists they slept together in Spain a few years earlier and he never called her afterward. Dan says she's a nut.

During dinner, Casey and Dana are spending more time talking to each other and talking about sports and worrying about the show than paying attention to their dates. Dana tries, but she just gets a little tipsy and has the bartender switch the TV to CSC. Casey's date? She says she doesn't understand why Casey and Dana are so interested in the show because it's "only sports." This is enough for Casey and Dan not to take her seriously.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, after doing some sleuthing, Natalie and Elliott are sure that a major deal is going down at a hotel in Vero Beach. Jeremy isn't sure, and yells that they shouldn't report unconfirmed info on the air. Natalie kinda chews him out in front of everybody, because she's in charge. The trade rumor turns out to be true, and CSC is the first to break the news.

On the air, Bobbi insists that Dan slept with her in Spain, and even though Dan has never even been to Spain that doesn't seem to stop her ranting about it.

At the end, Jeremy apologizes to Natalie, not realizing how good she was at her job. And Casey and Dana are at the bar, pleased with how the show went. Trivia: that's Aaron Sorkin at the end, sitting next to Casey at the bar.


"Alright, but just for a second." Dan, to Casey, who asked during a conversation about the double date, "Can we be men for a second?"

"Particularly the Hickery Dickory Dancers." - Casey, confusing the name of the dance troupe they're going to see on the double date, The Holly Dixon Dancers.

"I want a crisp five dollar bill, not some raggedy old thing from the newsstand." - Natalie, to Jeremy, on what she wants if she wins a bet about the trade.

"It's hard to say, but it could be because she's psychotic." - Dan, to Natalie, about Bobbi.

"Well, for instance: what's fennel?" - Casey, saying he had a question about fennel salad.

"Then allow for the possibility that from time to time other people might be just as smart as you are." - Natalie, to Jeremy, during their argument about the trade rumors.

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