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August 30, 2015

The Simpsons: Homer vs. Patty and Selma

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 18th 2006 9:05AM


Lisa: Hey, dad, whatcha doin'?

Homer: Daddy has very important work to do. He's looking through the want ads to find a part-time job.

Lisa: Dad, that's a gag paper we we got at the carnival.

Homer: Oh. No wonder I didn't hear about Bart being elected 'World's Greatest Sex Machine.'"

This episode begins in Moe's bar with Homer passing out cigars to his friends. It seems he's found the path to financial success by investing in pumpkins. They've been "going up the whole month of October" after all. Naturally, Homer's plan to sell come January fails and he winds up broke. He comes home to find Patty and Selma celebrating their promotion at the DMV, and eventually Homer is pushed to the edge and throws them out. Marge tries to explain to her sisters that Homer is complicated, and Homer pops his head out the window, smashes a plate on his head and yells, "wrong!"

Homer has a dream where he invents the greatest thing in the world, but he can't see what it is. Marge wakes him up in the midst of it because it's "still a few minutes til our regular bedtime." The next morning Homer goes to the bank to get an extension on his mortgage payment, but the banker points out that not only has Homer been "pre-declined for every major credit card," but he also grabbed a dog's hind legs and pushed it around like a vacuum cleaner when he was in third grade.

Homer has no choice but to ask Patty and Selma for the money, which they gladly give to him because now they can take advantage of him:

Patty (or Selma, I forget): You can't spell obsequious without IOU.

Homer: I'll have to take your word on that.

Actually, I had to pause a moment and spell "obsequious" in my head to see if that's true. I'm so lame.

Homer thinks he's solved his problems when he gets a job as a chauffeur, but when Wiggum pulls him over because his taillight was blinking when he turned a corner, he has to go to the DMV and get his chauffeur's license from Patty and Selma. They fail him, but at the last moment their boss walks in and sees their cigarettes burning in the ashtray, and Homer claims they're his:

Boss: Those are yours, sir?

Homer (smoking two cigarettes): Yes, I am in flavor country.

Boss: Both of them?

Homer: It's a big country.

I know that many people saw later episodes of The Simpsons as abandoning any kind of real character development and simply being weird for the sake of being weird, and their are certainly a lot of moments in this episode that do that, such as Bart gnawing on the wall and Homer smashing the plate on his head. Still, Homer helps out Patty and Selma in the end as a favor to Marge, so it's not completely devoid of humanity.

Other good moments:

  • The "B" story involving Bart taking ballet and loving it. He dances at a school recital in a mask to avoid being teased and beaten up, and the kids love him until he unmasks, then they make fun of him. Susan Sarandon plays his teacher.
  • Mel Brooks makes a cameo that should have been funnier than it was, but what can you do?
  • When Homer is looking at the want ads, if you pause the screen you see ads such as:

"Earn $ bartering soup for birthrights"

"Salmon Gutter"

"Read this! Turn base elements into gold!"

"Wanted: Do you give good phone? We want you!"

"Broom Pusher: Credentials necessary"

"Dirigible Mechanic"

and something about cleaning monkeys.

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Mack Swift

Selma: "You can start here by the corns......"
Patty: ".....and then move on over to bunion country."

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