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August 31, 2015

Sports Night: Rebecca

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 19th 2006 9:33PM
Josh Charles and Teri Polo(S01E14) While Dan and Dana are having relationship problems (Dan isn't sure if he should ask out a woman that Natalie introduced him to in the elevator and Dana is worried that Gordon is going to break up with her because she works too much), Isaac is upset about a Wall Street Journal article that says that station owner Luther Sachs isn't too happy with him (stemming from that on-air defense of the football players a few episodes earlier) and isn't sure if he can trust J.J., Luther's go-between.

Dan goes to see the woman in the elevator, Rebecca, to tell her that he's sorry he didn't call but he met someone else named Elaine, but Rebecca doesn't even remember who he is. She does after a few minutes, but tells Dan that she's sorry, but she didn't expect him to call. Natalie got the call wrong.

Isaac assures the staff that the Wall Street Journal article is nothing to worry about, so of course they worry about it. J.J. wants to know if Isaac has anything he wants him to tell Luther, and Isaac starts to figure out who the anonymous source was in the WSJ article.

Natalie tries to get Dana to talk to Casey about Gordon, because he could help her. Plus she secretly loves Casey. Dana says this isn't true, but Natalie says it is, and not only that, Casey secretly loves Dana, he just doesn't know it yet.

Dan goes back to see Rebecca to ask her out, but she shoots him down. She's just not interested. So this is the second time that Dan has embarrassed himself with this woman that not only has no interest in him, she barely remembers their elevator conversation and doesn't even watch Sports Night.

Dana talks to Casey about Gordon, and Casey tells her exactly what to say to make him not break up with her.

J.J. introduces Isaac to his fiancee, who he has brought to the station to watch Sports Night. Isaac tells him that he thinks that division between Sports Night and Luther is a bad thing, and neither the corporation or Sports Night would benefit from any problems. But one person would benefit: J.J. Isaac tells him that if he finds out that J.J. was the anonymous source, he's not going to be happy.

Dan tells Casey that he really likes Rebecca, and he's honestly upset that he's not going to see her tonight.


"Leonard, get a grip. The World Series, by tradition, is contested by two different teams made up of players that are alive at the same time. But if you want an answer to your question, my guess is the '27 Yankees would be confounded by the jet engines flying overhead." - Casey, answering a viewer's question, "Who would win if the 1927 Yankees played the 1998 Yankees?"

"I'm sick of you mixing up your metaphors. 'Let me spread it out for you in a nutshell?' How ya doing? I'm a professional writer." - Casey, to Dan, who said he was going to explain his woman problems.

Dan: The things you need to know I'm gonna tell you.
Casey: Yeah, but I married someone who said that and now she has half my stuff.
Dan: I don't want your stuff.
Casey: You say that now...

"He prefers 'meterlogical nerd'." - Natalie, after Dana called Jeremy a "weather nerd."

"No, a pencil's too obvious...a staple remover!" - Casey, to Jeremy, trying to figure out a reason to interrupt Isaac's meeting with J.J.

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