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October 7, 2015

The Dead Zone: Into the Heart of Darkness

by Jen Creer, posted Aug 21st 2006 1:28PM
The Dead Zone: Into the Heart of Darkness(S05E10) Okay. In the interest of full disclosure here, I will admit that I was an English major. And so maybe I am trying to find a narrative arc that just doesn't exist. I have struggled all season to find some kind of continuity in these episodes-- and I have so admit that maybe there just isn't any.

I noticed that next Sunday is the season finale of The Dead Zone -- and I was stunned. For one thing, there have only been ten episodes this season. That can't be good. But I was mostly stunned because I realized that this episode wasn't actually building toward anything. Only one thing has really happened to propel the season forward, and it happened in this episode: Sarah is pregnant with Walt's child.

It was nice to see Sarah get to do more in this episode than she has gotten to do all season. John hasn't had a love interest this season, and so it stands to reason, I suppose, that he still holds a torch for her. But really, do people linger over their first loves quite so long? I guess that is my way of saying that I didn't.

Sarah gets kidnapped by The Collector, a villain from last season whom John thwarted. And then we find out that it isn't actually The Collector who has her-- it's The Collector's girlfriend, Linda, who cared for The Collector after he sustained third-degree burns. She preserved his body in a way that suggests that she was really good in anatomy class, and that she is really really crazy. Linda was played by Dedee Pfeiffer, sister of Michelle, and I thought she was very effective.

Anyway, John and Walt run around looking for Sarah, John has visions, blah blah blah, and John finds out two key things; 1) Sarah is pregnant. So, guess who gets to tell Walt? That's a little awkward. He also finds out that even though Sarah loves Walt (blah blah blah), she never stopped loving John (blah blah blah). This whole episode just felt recycled. John and Walt have their little tete a tete over who is really JJ's father, John comforts Walt, and Walt is elated that now he's finally going to be a dad-- like his past ten years with JJ has been nothing.

It's a little irritating always to have John and Sarah reassuring Walt that YES, Sarah loves Walt more (though really, she loves John more) and YES Walt is JJ's father-- why don't they just have Walt adopt him formally then? And why does Walt constantly put up with being second best? And didn't we resolve all of this in Season 2? Can't we just give John another love interest and let Walt and Sarah get on with things? Is the show really that tired now? I am still in love with the show's concept and the show's potential-- but in actuality, this season has sort of sucked.

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I found it interesting that they didn't go into too much detail about the past episode in this one. If you hadn't seen the episode yourself - I don't think you could appreciate the creepy guy who collected women and then dumped them and that Linda was key in John and Walt's finding and almost capturing him. Remember the final scene of her driving and reassuring the crazy man that she would take care of him? And she had seemed like such a stable wife and mother at the beginning.
This season has seemed scattered - and oddly pious for a majority of the episodes. Pretty unremarkable really.

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