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August 27, 2015

Sports Night : Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 24th 2006 11:03PM

(S01E15) Felicity Huffman - Sports NightWhile Dan tries to get help - from Casey, Jeremy, or anyone, really - on how to go about winning over Rebecca, a nervous Dana agrees to go snorkeling with boyfriend Gordon, even though fish completely freak her out.

I feel the same about the fuzz on peaches. Sends shivers down my spine.

Actually, Dan doesn't want just help, he wants a "recommendation." Casey refuses to do it, so Dan goes to Jeremy.

Dana tells Casey that she's going snorkeling with Gordon off the island of Latok (spelling?) Of course, the only reason Dana is even telling Casey this is to get his input, because if you haven't realized it already, SHE REALLY LIKES HIM. Even if she won't admit it to anyone else or even to herself. But she's really, really scared of fish, and mentions her concern to Natalie. Natalie, of course, connects the whole weekend away with Gordon to Dana secretly loving Casey, but she promises not to say it again. Though she does say that the way that Dana can get out of snorkeling with fish is to not go snorkeling and instead stay in New York City and be with Casey, who she is secretly in love with.

Dan tells Casey he has stayed by the elevator to "accidentally" bump into Rebecca. He has done this 17 times, and each time she has turned him down. Dan decides to talk to Jeremy, and Jeremy already knows that Dan wants him to go up to Rebecca's office to talk to her about him. Jeremy says no way, until Dan reminds him of all the help he gave him with Natalie. He agrees to do it. Dan has a list of great things to tell Rebecca about him.

Dana talks to Isaac about her fish phobia. Isaac makes a few jokes about it, but wants to seriously know if anything is wrong. Dana says she's 33 and really afraid of fish.

Jeremy goes up to Rebecca's office to "welcome her." She says she's been working there for three years. Rebecca guesses that Dan sent him. Jeremy says he has a list, and Rebecca lets him read it. Rebecca tells him that she's afraid of guys like Dan. She's been burned before. Jeremy assures her that she couldn't be more wrong about Dan.

At the meeting, Dana snaps at the staff because she's afraid of fish. She wants to talk about it, but just then Gordon calls. He tells her that he has to cancel the snorkeling trip. Natalie talks to Casey about Dana, telling her that she likes him, and that Gordon is about to break up with Dana, and the only reason Dana cares is because she thinks she's "supposed" to care. She really likes Casey. Casey says he'll talk to her, but only as a friend. Casey talks to Dana in the hallway, but it's only a really quick conversation and nothing is really said.

Dan talks to Rebecca about her marrying a loser like sportscaster Steve Cisco (they're now divorced), and charms her with a speech so much that she decides to go out with Dan, but warns him that she'll be pissed if he turns out to be a jackass.


"Is everyone who works on your show deranged?" - Rebecca, to Jeremy

"Oh, I think you shall." - Casey, after Dan said "I will NOT be the subject of your mockery."

"Are we sure it's wrong, are we sure the park isn't covered with cheese?" - Casey, after Dan said on the air that a runner's dad used to bring her to "a park covered with cheese."

"Are you afraid they're going to make fun of you?" - Isaac, about the fish that Dana is afraid of.

"Sometimes you just stand there, hip deep in pie." - Casey, answering Dan's question "how was your day?"

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