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October 8, 2015

Seinfeld: The Good Samaritan

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 30th 2006 4:08PM
Seinfeld: The Good Samaritan(S03E19) I just love it when the Fab Four pass judgement on the crappy behavior of others. It's as if they don't realize how despicable they are from day to day, or -- the more likely answer -- they just don't care. In this episode, Jerry and the gang repeatedly trash the reputation of a person who would hit a car and drive away without leaving a note. Justifiable, until you realize that Jerry lies about confronting the hit-and-run driver because he wants to date her, George is dating a married woman whose husband doesn't say "God bless you," and Kramer steals a girl Jerry's been eyeing right out from under him. Elaine seems to be in the clear here, though... she's only devious every third episode, at least at this stage of the show's run.

This has always been one of those "meh" episodes for me. The part where Kramer gets seizures every time he hears Mary Hart's voice is hysterical. But, for some reason, the good samaritan plot never did anything for me, especially after Jerry decides to toss the perp, Angela, aside in order to date her victim, Becky Gelke. Just the way Angela reacted was way, way over the top for my tastes; considering who played her (see below), I was actually pretty surprised, since that actress isn't known for overacting.

On to the "awards":

Best line: When the husband of the woman George is sleeping with gets wind that she's with him, he tells Elaine that "I'm gonna sew his ass to his face!"
Best facial expression: No really good eye rolls or other stuff like that in this episode. If anyone can think of one, let me know.
Best Kramerism: The seizure he goes into behind Jerry and Elaine while they're watching Entertainment Tonight. He was flopping like fish all over the place. It's something that Michael Richards didn't do during rehearsals because he didn't want to hurt himself.

Observations and DVD tidbits:
  • Jason Alexander directed this episode, the only one he'd direct during the run.
  • Everyone thought that "You're soooo good lookin'", Jerry's replacement for "God bless you," was going to catch on like "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" But it didn't.
  • Elaine is pretty much wearing big overcoats and standing behind things because Julia Luis-Dreyfus is extremely pregnant at this point. She's hanging in there, though.
  • Melinda McGraw plays the hit-and-run artist, Angela. You may remember her from The Commish, Michael Chiklis' "other" show. Like I said, she's not prone to overacting, so the fact that she suddenly starts sounding like Jimmy Cagney when Jerry threatens to rat her out makes no sense to me.
  • Becky Gelke is played by Helen Slater, who went uncredited.
  • The Mary Hart seizure case really happened, to a woman named Dianne Neale, whose case was written up in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • The Entertainment Tonight folks did not give the producers permission to use the ET theme music or Mary Hart's voice, so a generic theme song and generic woman's voice were substituted. Guess the folks at ET have no sense of humor, which is odd considering how long John Tesh worked on the show.

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Tom Heintjes

It's kind of weird when Angela starts tearing Jerry a new one, and she call him "shuckfaysh" instead of "suckface." I remember thinking, "Is she drunk here or what?" But yeah, overall an unremarkable episode. It was kind of amusing when George realizes that HE didn't commit adultery, but the woman did...and she seemed okay with it.

My wife went to college with Helen Slater's brother, and every time something didn't go his way, he would claim that everyone was jealous of him because he was Helen Slater's brother. As if!

August 31 2006 at 4:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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