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October 6, 2015

Sports Night: The Sword of Orion

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 30th 2006 7:17PM

Josh Charles and Teri Polo(S01E18) At this point, the show is rather complex, with many storylines going on and continuing from episode to episode. There's even a "previously on Sports Night" clip at the beginning, though it's kinda odd. They show a scene with Jeremy telling Natalie that his parents are getting divorced, but I don't remember that from a previous episode.

Jeremy is going to see his parents about the divorce, and Natalie is upset because he hasn't called her in a few days. Meanwhile, Dan is trying desperately to get Rebecca interested in baseball.

I like the fact that they've gotten away from the whole Casey/Dana/Gordon triangle storyline. It's good to see them focus on other characters after a few episodes in a row of some rather intense revelations. Dana has a minor C-plot in this ep, and Casey really is there just to be a sounding board for Jeremy, but that's a good thing.

Jeremy comes back and apologizes to Natalie for not calling, but he doesn't go into detail. Natalie talks to Dana about it. She really thinks that there's something Jeremy isn't telling her. In the meeting, Jeremy makes a passionate plea to do a feature on The Sword of Orion, a yacht that went off course during a race 10 years ago and sank. One person was killed and the others were rescued. Nobody is sure why he wants to do the story so much, but he's allowed to do it.

Meanwhile, Dan is getting nowhere in his attempt to get Rebecca to watch a baseball game with him that evening. She seems to be really against it, and also surprised that Dan has gotten so chummy with all of her coworkers on her floor. Dan is surprised that she doesn't know much about sports, considering she was married to another anchor, Steve Cisco (not sure about that spelling...). And is it me or does Teri Polo look at the camera several times this ep?

Jeremy finally comes clean with Natalie. Not only are his parents getting a divorce, but he found out that his dad has been having an affair with a woman for 27 years. This is the exact storyline that Aaron Sorkin later used on The West Wing: Sam found out his dad was having an affair for many years. I think it was right around 27, if not exactly that. Natalie and Jeremy talk about it, and it seems that Jeremy wants to do this story because he's intrigued that a boat that was supposed to win the race simply went off course and no one knows why. Like his parents' marriage.

Rebecca confides in Dan that Steve never let her into his sports world. He wanted to have something separate from her. That's why she has been hesitant to watch the game with Dan. Dan tells her he understands, but she has built a wall between them, and he's going to do everything he can to tear down that wall, piece by piece. But Rebecca has already taken steps to do that: she's reserved a room at the St. Regis Hotel and a bottle of champagne is already chilling. She tells him to bring the tape of the game.


"Thank God none of us works in sports." - Dan, to the staff, who doesn't know if a certain pitcher is pitching that day.

"Should be crossing the plate any minute now." - Elliott, about Rojas' fast ball.

"I dabble in a little English." - Casey, to Dan, who said he only speaks three languages and not four, forgetting about one.

"I know there's a lot of jargon, but some of these are self-explanatory." - Dan, to Rebecca, who doesn't know what a 'perfect game' is.

"By the way, this is the second time today I've been kicked out of a room, and I go peacefully. And without incident." - Casey, kicked out of the editing room by Natalie because she wants to talk to Jeremy alone.

Rebecca: "You think Neil Armstrong's wife is an expert in astro-propulsion?"
Dan: "I think she's heard of the moon."

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steve cisco is a sports caster, not a sports anchor (as dan reminded rebecca). love this show.

August 30 2006 at 7:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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