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August 31, 2015

Sports Night: Napoleon's Battle Plan

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 2nd 2006 2:40PM

Sports Night(S01E22) This is one of the more soap opera-ish of the Sports Night episodes, because it deals with relationships and secrets and who's sleeping with who and who knows and who doesn't know and will they find out. But it doesn't feel lie it, because it's still Sports Night, and that means it's still funny and smart and well done.

Gordon proposes to Dana, who has accepted, and this ticks off Casey, who knows that Gordon slept with Sally. But he can't tell Dana because then she'll find out that he too slept with Sally. Casey says he's just going to follow "Napoleon's Battle Plan" and just see what happens. Dan isn't sure if this is such a good idea, and has a plan of his own.

Dan's plan is for Casey to tell Dana that Gordon slept with Sally. He thinks it's the best thing to do "in the interest of full disclosure." He keeps hammering at Casey to tell him, but he's sticking with Napoleon's Battle Plan. Dan says that Napoleon lost.

Meanwhile, Dana is so rattled by Gordon's proposal that she becomes obsessed with buying a new camera. She was up all night and decided to read a product catalog and now wants to buy a camera she knows nothing about.

Dan tells Natalie about Gordon sleeping with Sally. He also says that Casey doesn't want Dana to know. Natalie immediately goes to Dana and tells her. Dana says that it's not true. Whoever told her that got it wrong. She doesn't believe it. She's going to ask Gordon about it at lunch. At lunch, Dana asks him about it. He asks if Casey is the one who told her and she says no. He apologizes and says he thought they were through and they were in a bad place. It will never happen again. Dana understands. But she wants to know why he thought Casey told her. Gordon is actually hesitant about telling her that Casey slept with Sally too, but he does. And it seems that Dana is more upset that Casey slept with Sally than her future husband did.

Dana confronts Sally, and Sally sticks up for herself, saying that it's so typically Dana that she would think she slept with Gordon and Casey as some territorial act of aggression. Dana apologizes and breaks down. She and Sally actually have a great talk, and Sally tells her that she seems to not be upset that she slept with Gordon but more upset she slept with Casey. Sally tells her that Casey doesn't even like her that much, not like he likes Dana.

Dan tells Natalie he shouldn't have told her the secret. Natalie tells him that she told Dana, and lightly chews him out for not telling her earlier. Dan admits to Casey that "things have changed since we spoke," and that people now know the secret.

Dana confronts Casey, and he doesn't understand what right she has to be upset about it. Why is his social life her business? Dana wants to know why he didn't tell her. Casey says that he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

In punishment, Natalie refuses to give Casey and Dan their pants for the show.


"Guys, you're going to have to do the first two blocks without your pants. Casey, you should feel right at home." - Dana, into the mic, to Dan and Casey.

"I graduated Phi Betta Kappa, Danny. I have information most people don't have. It's my cross to bear." - Casey, to Dan, about what he knows about Gordon.

"Suit yourself, but you should know I play squash three times a week and my calves have been called 'shapely.' - Casey, to Alison, who said she'll avert her eyes since he's not wearing any pants.

"That's not what I would call 'lving in the now'." - Dan, to Casey, after Casey said he was going to beat the crap out of him for telling someone he slept with Sally.

"I'd definitely use some. I think you'll see a real difference." - Jeremy, to Dana, who asked him about film for her new camera.

"You're a woman, you know that? I'm going to stick you under a hair dryer." - Casey, to Dan, for spilling the secret to Natalie

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