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October 13, 2015

Gilmore Girls: The Long Morrow (season premiere)

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 26th 2006 9:05PM
Gilmore Girls: The Long Morrow
I decided to watch this episode a second time, just to see if my early assessment of it was correct. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just so damn happy to have Gilmore Girls back, that I missed some fundamental change, something that would tell me that new EP David Rosenthal was going to completely screw up the transfer from Team Palladino and turn this show into something different than the one I came to know and love.

And, you know what? It is different. But those differences weren't due to the transfer in power. No, this show started changing while Team Palladino was still around, and I'm not sure if it's ever going to go back to what it was.

I will say one thing for this whole Lorelai/Luke/Christopher storyline; at least Lor wakes up the next morning and immediately starts regretting what she did with Chris the previous night, to the point where she uncomfortably leaves the "scene of the crime" and later tells him over the phone "let's not make more if it than it was." Chris was heartbroken when she told him that, but I have little sympathy for him, since he's taken every opportunity possible to screw up Lorelai and Luke.

But seeing Lorelai mope around for an hour, doing yet another relationship post-mortem (throwing everything away that reminded her of Luke, including the sheets and pillows: "The third stage of grief is making piles, she says") is starting to get old. Where does she go, lovelife-wise, after Luke, her best friend and the love of her life? This isn't just another Max or any of the other doofuses she's gone out with. But for some reason, she makes no effort to hear him out when he comes to see her the next day. Remember her ultimatum was only the night before, and Luke is such a lunkhead, he didn't realize that Lor was dead serious. We find out later that Luke isn't good under pressure, as he's given too much to think about after Kirk drives Taylor's T-bird into the diner.

Yes, you heard me. That was the cute "Stars Hollow" plot; Taylor puts in a red-light camera in front of Luke's, and Luke, who's understandably upset for other reasons, overreacts to it. During the ceremonial first "red light run," the camera flash goes off and makes Kirk drive the vintage care right into the diner. When a tow truck driver asks him whether he wants the car out or he wants to wait for the insurance folks, Luke snaps: "I do not like being pressured. It's not one or the other. I need some time to think!" Not very subtle, huh? But it does make it look like Lor put the kibosh on things a little early. Though I'm still undecided whether Lor gave him enough time or made a fatal mistake not realizing that her boyfriend can't function when given ulitmatums. You'd think she'd have known that about him.

When Luke comes by Lor's at the end, truck packed and ready to go anywhere she wants and elope, you know he's a doomed man. As Lor tries to stop him, you're sitting there, waiting and waiting for her to drop the bomb that you know is coming. Luke's reaction is immediate and swift, and it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. He hates Christopher, and knew that his presence was a threat to their relationship. This isn't going to be a two-episode fix; it wouldn't ring true if Rosenthal decided to make a reconciliation that quick. But the result isn't a happy one: everyone who wants to go through the last season with tension between Luke and Lorelai raise your hand. No one? Hm. Thought so.

Ok, on to Rory. These are the only scenes where Lorelai lights up and is her usual chatty self (she even greets her with the title to one of last year's key episodes: "The prodigal daughter returns!"). I liked it when they went to go "racquetballing," and all they did was sit on the court and talk rocket gum. I also liked their discussion on what to do so they didn't have to talk; that was the type of conversation that showed me Rosenthal had a good grasp on the classic GG dialogue style. So was the rant Paris gave a customer to her new SAT prep business: "I don't particularly like to take on such meek, diffident cases. Do you know what diffident means? Don't worry, that knowledge isn't needed in the retail donut distribution industry."

But the Rory/Logan storyline was overwhelmed by the Lor/Luke storyline. Yes, he sent her a rocket, which took her a while to figure out: it was a reference to his favorite Twilight Zone episode, the explanation of which took way too long. She wants to go to London right now to visit him. But the little twist, where he says they're all set up to reunite at Christmas, was a good one, like a punch to Rory's emotional solar plexus. If I were her, I'd get on a plane now and go anyway. Lord knows what'll happen between now and Christmas.

More Lorelai: Describing the reasons why she's ending it: "It was him not fighting for me," and that if their lives together were a car, she wouldn't be in the passenger seat and she'd "have to hold on to the bumper," getting hurt along the way, were nice lines. But I just wish AS-P didn't go down this road, blowing up Lorelai and Luke, right before she left. Not that they shouldn't have had their problems, but throwing Christopher into the mix isn't quite the same thing as disapproving in-laws or even a long-lost daughter. The only thing more depressing than tension between Lorelai and Luke is tension between Lorelai and Rory, and we all know how torturous that was. If this is the last season of GG, it looks like it's going out on a big down note.

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michelle r

I thought the show could not get any worse once they added April to the mix. Boy was I wrong . Not only did she crap on Luke because of the April situation they don't even have her on the show anymore and the point of the character was what . It doesn't make any sense that she would be mad at Luke for trying to be a father to April once he found out about her when Chris knew about Rory all a long and was rarely in the picture . Who was sitting front in center at all the big events in Rory's life Luke not Chris. Luke was involved in all of Lorealis so called brillant ideas. Luke helped make the show great Chris makes the show what is today stink

October 23 2006 at 4:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

DON"T LIKE CHRIS. Not more than Luke anyway. I liked him more than Max but Lor was always meant to get with Luke in the end because they've been dancing around each other for the whole series. I really didn't like jason though. He was terrible. Anyway... does anybody know who is pregnant????? For sure????

October 03 2006 at 10:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm conflicted about the whole L/L/C thing. Why can't they take the best of all of L's past loves and make one decent guy? Fantasy? Sure, but isn't that what entertainment is about? How many of us own an inn in a town that is so small there's only one stop light, and yet have no money problems? If this IS the last season, then let everyone live "happily ever after".

October 03 2006 at 9:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I really agree with Joel Keller! You're so on the money. I wish they had of just let Luke and Lor be. 5 seasons we've waited for them to get together and they just ruin it! I kind of dampens the whole series a bit. When i watch the earlier seasons I sort of just think well there just gonna break up anyway now. Disappointing. AND WHO'S PREGNANT? I really hope they don't do a Lorelai's pregnant but who's the father thing??? that would be crap. It's been done so many times, as have the long lost daughter bit and the cheating with the ex... over it. GG was unique because it had fresh storylines and different characters and now its all going to crap by bringing in all the 'series safers' storylines that everyone does. Boring. It would have been nice to see a show that just let the great romance thats been building up for so long to succeed! Would that be so terrible????

October 02 2006 at 9:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

NO! Lorelai and Luke have to get together in the end. It was only drawn out for 5 seasons! I don't like Christopher. He can't end up with Lor because it should be Luke. AND i don't want Emily to get her way. She hates Luke. Lorelai should be with him not Christopher because he always stuffs things up for her. I can't believe they used him to break up Luke and Lorelai! They're meant to be together.
More than that though - I can't believe they made that massive rift between Rory and Lor. What's that about? AND even more than that, i can't believe they made Luke have a "long lost daughter!" It's a bit cliche. And why wouldn't he tell Lor? It doesn't really fit with the characters.
ANYWAY - i want to see a happy ending for Luke and Lorelai. I'm definately on team Luke.

October 02 2006 at 9:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
lisa baldyga

It's still the best on tv. Luke's the only choice. He should realize he pushed Lorelai into her safety net. I don't like Rory with Logan. She's no longer Rory but a party girl without a destination other than making Logan happy. She's on her way to becoming a mini Emily, everything Lorelai escaped from...come back Jess or even naked hallway guy.

October 02 2006 at 12:06 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Okay... enough is enough... I have loved "GG" since I saw the first episode. However, as much as I regret saying this it should have ended with season 5. Now, I would have been a little sad to see it end back then. But I am coming to the point where like many of you I feel that this is a waste of time. (Luckily for me I can DVR this show to watch the other great shows that are on this season.)
Is that the point? Absolutely NOT! I think that being a person who truely loved the show I should be more interested in it being back. I want the feeling of wishing it was the next week so I could see the next episode right away. I would watch past episodes and die laughing. This new season and 6 just aren't that funny. I admmit the racketball scene was on the right tack but 5 minutes out of the hour isn't enough.
So this is when we come to the point of knowing that this show has been stretched to the max. Sadly, I will continue to watch but I will have no reserves about watching some of the other shows on this season first.

September 30 2006 at 10:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hate Christopher, he ruins everything for Lorelai. Yes, they're high school sweethearts, but the show never told us much about that. Luke and Lorelai, however...We can see how they are together, and how they balance each other out. I'm on Team Luke all the way. Christopher is too tied to her childhood.

September 29 2006 at 4:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

yes, I too hated the APRIL plot since that kid showed. And I hate Luke for being "wishy washy" and took Lorelai for granted for months and for allowing Lor to agree to postpone the wedding... I love Chris & Lor but I will not kid myself into thinking that in the end, they'll be together. I just hope Luke will get his act together soon.

September 28 2006 at 9:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lor is Luke's. They just need to remember that they are best friends. This is the foundation of thier relationship. That is what the Pals seem to have taken out last year. They seem to rewrite the basic construction of the Lor/Luke relationship. As for Chris it is time she either for thier long good-bye to end. If she wanted him she would have gotten with by now. A woman knows these things.
As for Rory, she needs to get accross the pond and make it clear to Logan that if he wants to be with the woman she will become, he must grow a pair and recognize. She needs to put a little "Emily" on him.

September 28 2006 at 2:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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