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October 4, 2015

Standoff: Partners in Crime

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 26th 2006 10:15PM

Standoff(S01E04) I hate it when TV shows or movies are really "predictable" in how "unpredictable" they are. Case in point, tonight's Standoff. Have I just been watching too much television the past 40 years or were the two "twists" at the start of this episode pretty easy to guess? Yeah, it was kinda obvious that the first team assault on the house was just a training exercise, and it was equally obvious that the girl was in on the bank thefts with the serial bank robber, just wearing different wigs.

That's not to say that there are worse ways to kill an hour than watching Standoff. This was actually the best episode so far.

This is a cool plot: a serial bank robber called "The Bystander Bandit" is robbing banks in Southern California. His m.o. is always the same: he grabs a woman in the bank and uses her as a shield to get away with the money. The girl is in on it, wearing a different disguise in each robbery so she's not discovered, even as she's interviewed as "witness" by the police." The latest robbery goes wrong though, as the CNU gang is staking out several banks. A cop is killed and the two crooks are trapped in the bank with hostages. The team gets there and "convinces" the robber to release two hostages...one of them his partner, pretending to be pregnant! She gets out, gets Emily to take her to the bathroom because she's going to be sick, then takes the gun out that's hidden in her fake belly. She takes Emily hostage.

She has Emily call Matt on the cell phone and tells her to tell him not to say anything to anyone about it. Matt does what he's told. Matt takes his car to pick up the crook who wants to walk out of the bank. The two crooks then escape in the car in a hail of bullets, ditching Matt's car.

And by "ditch" I mean blowing it up.

The crooks start to bicker about whose fault this job was, and it seems during the argument that the woman is kinda in control. It occurred to me that these two people - who are probably hot for each other but don't really "love" each other - would sell the other out in a second, and the woman should have shot the guy in "self-defense" in the bank, killed him, be judged a hero, and just live off the money that she already had from their other robberies. As it happens, the two argue so much that the guy actually beats up the girl when she wants to stop the robberies because the FBI is now involved. But the guy hugs her and says he's going to protect her. The woman calls Emily and tells her she's scared. She wants to stop the robberies but he doesn't and is forcing her to do them. But this is a trick too! It's all a plan the guy set up, and the woman is in on it...or is she? She actually does want to help the FBI and get away from this guy. (I'm not quite sure why the woman doesn't whack the guy on the head, knock him out, and turn herself in. Instead, she has to sneak phone calls to the FBI and eventually he catches her. Duh. That was the third predictable moment in the show.)

I thought this Bonnie and Clyde meets the Bill Murray move Quick Change plot was pretty well done. The only thing that bogged the episode down was, you guessed, the relationship banter between Matt and Emily. It hasn't reached the completely annoying point yet, but I'm wondering if the show would be better if it actually did do the usual "will they or won't they" angle you see in most TV shows. Frankly, I think the two bank robbers in this episode had more chemistry than Matt and Emily do.

(Standoff goes on hiatus for a while as FOX shows baseball.)

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Well the first twist was quite obvious, and the second twist (if I'm not mistaken) wasn't REALLY a twist, because I'm pretty sure they gave that little bit of info (that the girl was in on it) away in the previews for the episode.

I like this show, its not one of the best, but it is most certianly not one of the worst.

September 28 2006 at 12:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Have I just been watching too much television the past 40 years or WAS the two "twists" at the start of this episode pretty easy to guess?"

Not since the days of Ryan Budke have I seen such typos. Speaking of....are we having chats this year?

September 26 2006 at 10:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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