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October 9, 2015

Celebrity Duets: 3 Perform

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 28th 2006 10:20PM

Celebrity Duets

(S01E05) Alfonso Ribeiro, Lucy Lawless and Hal Sparks. These are your three remaining Celebrity Duets performers.I'm rooting for Alfonso, who I always felt was the front-runner. Even a bit better than Jai Rodriguez. Although, I do have a soft spot for Hal. So, without further ado, here are the night's performances.

For this week's show the celebrities perform two duets; one with a new professional and another with a performer from a previous episode.

1. Lucy Lawless and Bonnie Tyler: Didn't I say that these two should pair up? This is the first time that I thought Lucy's singing style matched her partner's. She was actually a little better than Bonnie. Judge Marie Osmond said she sounded good, but needed to practice her breathing. Judge Little Richard said Lucy had gotten better (and I actually understood what he said). Finally, judge David Foster approved of her performance as well.

2. Alfonso Ribeiro and John Secada: The kid has natural talent and has held his own with all of his duet partners, making them actual duets rather than just two people singing together. This week was no exception as his performance was excellent. Marie thought he needed more emotion to match the words he sings. Little Richard said he was the one to watch, and David said that Alfonso was the guy to beat.

3. Hal Sparks and Sebastian Bach: Screaming again. Hal is not going to win this competition by screaming all of the lyrics. Sebastian can scream because he's a professional. Marie said Hal was true to himself and he would be a great performer. Little Richard said it was the most screaming he heard in years. David said he has a real voice and he wish Hal used it more.

Now to round two.

4. Lucy and Smokey Robinson: I'm surprised she chose to bring Smokey back, because I thought her worst performance was with him. She did well, even better than Smokey. I have to say that, after my initial review of her performances, she is the most improved. Marie thought Lucy 'smoked' the song, Little Richard said he liked her legs, and David gave her an off-handed comment that she was good. However, it wasn't as specific as something he would say to Alfonso or Hal.

5. Alfonso and Gladys Knight: He did the Carlton Dance! My life is complete now. Again he hits the mark as his voice melds smoothly with Gladys'. I'm telling you, if he doesn't win I'll be utterly shocked. Marie thought he and Gladys had the right chemistry tonight, and with all of his other previous partners. Richard said Alfonso reminded him of the Pips. David said he did really, really, really well tonight.

6. Hal and Dennis DeYoung: Aw, they sang Lady to their respective ladies. Well, Hal didn't scream this time around, and he matched Dennis pretty well. This could be the one that puts him over the top. Marie felt he was terrific. Little Richard thought he sounded unbelievable. David mentioned that he was starting to like Hal's singing.

Before I leave you, a word about host Wayne Brady. I enjoyed him as master of ceremonies. As the weeks progressed he became more and more comfortable in his role and started to enjoy himself, using some of his quick wit skills that he gained from years of improv and hosting his own talk show.

That's it. Place your bets and we'll talk tomorrow (or Saturday, if it's a late night).

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I am trying to find out what the title of the song that Alfonso and Gladys Knight sang. Can someone help me

October 02 2006 at 10:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought that all three celebrities were solid in their performances. Alfonso Ribeiro can still do that Carlton dance a superb 10 years later after Fresh Prince of Bel Air ended! His moves blended well with the band's tempo of Gladys Knight's song! And his duet with Jon Secada was dramatic! He was the best singer that night. Lucy Lawless was the next best as she sounded quite good in duets with Bonnie Tyler and Smokey Robinson. Hal Sparks was better with Dennis DeYoung than he was with Sebastian Bach. And only Sebastian can do Skid Row's "18 and Life" the best--Hal's screaming on that song was not necessary. How will anyone sit through an entire debut album from Hal if he's screaming like that in his songs? I know that full blown rock's his thing, but he needs to sing more on those kinds of songs. But that's his schtick and I don't think that he's going to change. Although this show fell in the ratings this month, I thought that this was a good show. Wayne Brady was a wonderful host. This show's only problem was that it copied American Idol too much, right down to the zooming camera angles and Marie Osmond being this show's Simon. But I have to say this about Simon Cowell--he's gone through 9 months this year with producing (or hosting) three (!) different talent shows, this one included. I'm sure he and those producers are tired right now after being involved on American Idol (judge), America's Got Talent and this one, Celebrity Duets. But back to the show, I hope that some record labels consider signing Alfonso, Lucy, Jai Rodriguez, and even Hal. I just know that the calls from the major labels will hit their answering machines when the show ends its run. I just imagine Alfonso doing an album with hit producers Scott Storch, the Underdogs, Babyface or Jam and Lewis. Or anyone in the music business! He just has strong vocal talent! Jai also! They're just too good to pass up!Those four were really the best, though I really wanted Jai in the final. The other four, don't quit your acting jobs; you just didn't cut it for me! Whatever happens, I wish them all the best.

September 30 2006 at 1:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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