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October 10, 2015

The Daily Show: October 10, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Oct 11th 2006 6:22PM
The Daily ShowPresident Bush is infamous for his well-strategized photo ops and metaphorical backdrops. As for Dennis Hastert... not so much. Hastert held a press conference to address the Mark Foley scandal... with a graveyard in the background. Jon's Cryptkeeper side-story was really funny because it sounded like he was still a little annoyed that an appearance would cost $10,000. "I like GORE! Aaah-hahaha."

"Crisis In Our Nation... 's Pants": Some brief coverage on some Republicans' claim that there is a Congressional gay network that secretly covers each other's scandalous business. Best bit: "Secretary of Fagriculture". I love you, Daily Show.

Senior Washington Correspondent Samantha Bee spoke a little more about the Foley scandal. Horny, pole-vaulting Congressmen = instant-funny.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, was invited to speak at Columbia University... where he was attacked by a group of protesters, mostly students of... Columbia University. The students then had the audacity to go speak to Sean Hannity and claim innocence, saying that they were being attacked. "Congratulations, protesters, you've managed to make Sean Hannity seem like the reasonable one." This report actually got me a little angry. When young people try to do stuff like that and don't plan properly and don't find appropriate means and still play the victim in the end... that pisses me off because it casts a negative light on the rest of America's youth. And kids wonder why they're not taken seriously in politics? Christ. Aaanyway...

The night's guest was David Cross, comedian and star of the new Comedy Central cartoon, Freak Show. Has anyone seen the show yet? The commercials haven't intrigued me that much, but I'm kind of tempted to catch an episode, just for H. Jon Benjamin. Anyway, it was a nice interview. Cross didn't spit a stand-up routine like another recent guest comedian I could mention (hint: His name begins with a "D" and ends with an "Ennis Miller"). That's the way to go. "Seat of Heat": Cross doesn't use a catchphrase in his comedy routine... but if he had one, what would it be? "I have a fucking gun!" Brilliant.

Jon/Stephen: "I loved the conversation you just had with your rabbi!" Fun Fact... David Cross plays a recurring character, Russ "Are You Sure That's Not A Wig?" Lieber, on The Colbert Report. Moment of Zen: Pat Buchanan called Mark Foley a flamer. Real eloquent, man.

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oli young

The Sam Bee report highlighted why TDS is so important as a genuine news source. Very succinctly they managed to connect the Republican's non-action over Foley to their over-action over the terrorist threat .. gotta stop those congressmen from getting to the pages ..

i heart tds

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The Columbia University story was a little more complex than Jon presented it, actually. The Columbia College Republicans had invited the co-founder of The Minutemen, and the International Socialist Organization and the Chicano Caucus planned a protest. The protesters rushed the stage in order to unfurl their banner, which freaked out the CCR, who fought back, and the whole thing turned into a melee.

You can follow a lot of the coverage at the CU newspaper, the Columbia Spectator:

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