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September 3, 2015

The Biggest Loser: Duos

by Michael Canfield, posted Nov 2nd 2006 7:08AM
The Biggest Loser(S03E07) This is a first, I think. The trainers start bickering with each other over the intensity of the pre-challenge workout. Kim asks Bob "what are you thinking?" when she sees him drive Wylie to exhaustion the afternoon before the challenge. Bob's answer: "I don't think anything when I work out." Right. Even though Wylie asked Bob to train him, Kim's got a point; her team has won the majority of the challenges.

Maybe Bob has a point too, though. He complains that Wylie's upper-body strength is seriously lacking. Wylie's arms do give out at a crucial moment, costing him and his partner the challenge.

WylieThe existing teams are dissolved and new "duos" are formed. FBoth members of the losing duo will be eliminated. A forced-eating challenge is used to decide who gets to choose the make-up of each pair. Meaning, one person gets to choose the teams, and the others have to each eat a punishment food. Or something. Since the temptation involved getting lucky in choosing a numbered box, it's a really just time-consuming and random exercise, requiring absolutely no skill. Deal or No Deal, but with snacks. Wylie wins, and since Kai still has the free pass she won weeks ago, Wylie would be crazy not to choose her for his own partner.

Only he doesn't. Wyle decides that Erik, the eternal problem child, should be paired with Kai, thus guaranteeing Erik at least another week of workouts and support on the ranch. It's an incredible sacrifice. After all, besides the weight loss, there's $250,000 on the line for the winner. Wyle would not last very long on, say, Survivor with that kind of generosity, but he's my new hero.

Erik totally blows off the workouts saying, "I didn't kill myself this week." In a first for this season, Erik ends up gaining three lbs. That is not only an insult to his partner Kai, but also to Wylie, who cut him a break by chosing pairs the way he did. Erik tries to make it look like he planned this to take advantage of Kai's pass, on the theory he can then lose big next week. That may have been part of it, but basically he's lazy. Kai's tempted not to use her pass, but in the end decides not to bury her rotten partner Erik at the expense of being kicked off herself. I certainly don't blame her. She had the free pass, and she has the right to use it to keep herself in the game.

So Brian and Pam are eliminated. It's a rough departure, with the players recognizing that Brian and Pam don't really deserve to go home. Lots of tears are shed, making Erik look even more crummy. There's no way he is going to win anyway, and he'll probably still be up around 300 lbs on the reunion show; if he even bothers to show up.

Some contestants who have been playing along at home since the season premiere are brought to the ranch this week. But it's all crap. Only two of the newbies will be staying, and all those clips of Bob and others freaking out over the "six new home players" having lost more weight than the show players (which was promo'd as if it would all be happening this week) are evidently from next week's show. Anyway, only two of the newbies will be staying. Gee, I can't wait: it's going to be another episode dragged out to two hours -- and only so we can watch the elimination of four new players before we even get to know them. Of course, like on every other reality show, when johnny-come-lately players are throw into the mix, the old players instantly hate them. In other words, they feel about the new players the way Lost fans feel about the producers of that show trying to slip in new crash survivors late in the day. Hi there Paolo, now please go away.

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Blake Moore

I think the home players have a greater incentive to lose more weight because they are not guaranteed to be on the show.

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November 02 2006 at 12:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree Wylie couldn't have choosen Kai for himself. Also, Wylie's arms didn't give out, His partner told him to take his hand off the bar for a moment to see if he could hold it himself.

November 02 2006 at 9:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wylie actually couldn't choose Kai for himself. He was required to pair one blue team member with one red team member. Since he and Kai were both on red, they couldn't be partners. Erik is still pretty lazy though.

November 02 2006 at 8:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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