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September 4, 2015

I Pity the Fool: Respect

by Kevin Kelly, posted Nov 9th 2006 7:31PM
I Pity the Fool(S01E05) I Pity the Fool who don't respek his momma! That's the Reader's Digest version for this episode. It's all formula, suckas. The producers probably a have a big laminated T cheat sheet that they carry around to use on location. It seems like there has to be one situation that T just totally doesn't expect, and another one where there's a bit of drama involving someone besides T, hopefully with an injury. Oh, and liberal amounts of strange logic and T-isms.

This episode fills in those blanks nicely. T gets called out to the "Lots of Love" horse farm in New Jersey. Mom and Dad have their hands full with four rambunctious boys who don't respect their momma (or anything else it seems like), and that makes T mad, grrr. He jogs in to lay out some rules for these fools. Check out the reactions from the animals when T arrives, even they love him.

The boys pour buckets of water all over T when they are supposed to be doing their chores. Ooh, lucky the cameras just happened to be around to catch that one, right? Son Matt falls off a horse and *gasp* injures his leg. They show it about four times in super-slow motion, so there's no chance you'll miss it. Will he be okay? Find out after a commercial break. Last week's show also featured a fall, interesting eh? People are going to start being wary of the bad luck T seems to bring. Just think about the insurance premiums.

With some skillet-banging and yelling at the kids about respect, T tries to bring it all home and make them pay homage to mom. One of T's "challenges" that he sets up for himself is to teach the kids about respecting animals, or else they'll turn on them, especially that unruly alpaca. Somehow, T forgets about this one and they manage to skate by without learning any lessons about respecting animals. They even shave a big "T" into the alpaca's fur. Classy.

What's strange is that although their are four kids total, the show only focuses on Matt (who Mom first calls the "demon seed") and how he learns from the T. Near the end, it's tears all around as he says, "I love you." to mom. We're not really sure what function Dad serves in this family, since he didn't offer any advice, and T didn't have to yell at him. T jogs off into the sunset, and leaves his brand on the Layton family.

Some T-isms from this week's show:

  • "On the outside I'm a tough guy, but on the inside I got a soft spot ... for my momma!"
  • "I don't sit around in no air-conditioned studio like a talk-show host. I was gonna lay it all on the line to help Momma Sue."
  • (on the boys) "Those boys thought they were the James Gang ... more like the LAME gang."
  • "I would rather die and burn in hell than bring disrespect to my mother."
  • "This wasn't no rinky-dink little carnival ... this was the Gloucester County 4-H Fair and New Jersey Peach Festival. The big time!
  • "Repect don't fix a bum leg."
Next week on I Pity the Fool: a tempermental chef!

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