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October 4, 2015

Did Threshold have a final episode?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 12th 2006 6:39PM
Threshold castI'm reading this review of the Threshold DVD set in the New York Times (yes, The New York Times - glad to see they actually have a review of the set), and while I knew that the set includes the final four episodes that weren't shown on CBS last year, I didn't realize that the creators found out about the cancellation before the final episode was filmed and actually had a little time to put a little closure on the show.

The paper describes the finale as "slapstick comedy," and an episode that will remind viewers of Three Men and a Baby, Rosemary's Baby, and Night of the Living Dead.

Wow, with that description, I might have to get this set after all. Though the Sci-Fi Channel is currently showing repeats of the series (including a mini marathon tomorrow night at 8) and the run will include the final four episodes.

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There was alway the feeling that this show was missing something. Not sure what... but I don't care enough to watch any more episodes. Unless, of course, Braga wrote a scene where Dr. Phlox instructs Carla Gugino to disrobe and rub decontamination gel all over Brent Spiner until he gets an erection (like Connor Trineer did in Enterprise). Then, I might consider it...


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All I know is the first seaso nwas gonig to be called Threshold, then the second would be Foothold, and then finally the aliens take over. The whole plan was iffy. The show was very bad X-Files and Odssey 5 ripoff that was just the same old thing every week.

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Having seen the finale, "slapstick comedy" wasn't what I thought of it necessarily. An entire town gets the alien infection, so there's moments, but... that's really a misnomer.

As for the wrapup to the show, it basically amounts to Caffrey having a dream sequence in which she talks to the infectee who got pregnant's kid when he's around 8 years old or so, and he tells her the eventual outcome of her fight. From what I recall of the commentary on the DVD, that's really all they had time to do for a wrapup was to do that one scene.

November 12 2006 at 7:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Final, as in there were no more to follow? Yes. Final, as in they were able to wrap up the series? No, not hardly. Goyer and Braga talk about this some in the special features on the DVD set, but they basically had finished shooting the last episode when they got word the show was cancelled. They added a scene at the very end that offers a glimpse of things to come, of resolution.

The show wasn't perfect. I could never quite shake the feeling that it might have been better suited as as a late-night syndicated program (sort of the way that shows like "Forever Knight" started out). But then it probably wouldn't have attracted its terrific cast. And, of the three alien invasion shows of 2005, though it was the first to go, I think it was the best.

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