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October 10, 2015

Gilmore Girls: French Twist

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 14th 2006 10:55PM
Gilmore Girls: French Twist(S07E07) Thanks for ruining things, Mike.

I'm talking to Mike Ausiello, TV Guide's resident Gilmore Girls fan and spoiler king. Because he had well-placed moles over at GG (he was an extra there, after all), he revealed a big-ass plot point from this episode a few weeks ago, and by the time it wrapped around the Internets, even spoiler-averse people like me knew what was going to happen tonight. So the surprise wasn't there at all.

(By the way, I like Mike. Even interviewed him once. Nice fella. But he's gotten so big that it's hard to avoid his spoilers, even if you want to.)

Here's the thing about the whole Chris and Lorelai shebang, something I've been saying ever since it re-started at the beginning of this season: It doesn't make sense anymore. It just seems phony. By itself, it's adorable. Three seasons ago, it would have even been a heartwarming and fun storyline to follow. But too much has gone on since then; no matter how responsible Chris has become, no matter how charming he is or how much he throws his money around, no matter how much history is between him and Lorelai, this current phase of their relationship is leaving me cold.

And it's nothing that Christopher's doing that's turning me off. Yeah, his penchant for these big romantic gestures, like paying a lot of money to have a romantic bistro open for him and Lor at five in the morning, doesn't seem to jibe with the "all we need is each other" mantra he and Lor have been spouting since the early eighties. Chris really does seem more mature and responsible than he was before. It's just that while the two of them are falling back in love and walking hand-in-hand through Paris (the city, not the tighly-wound friend of Rory's), Luke is on an island over in Stars Hollow. He doesn't talk to Lorelai anymore, and he rarely talks to Rory. Now he's just there to get angry with Taylor, yell at Kirk, be a dad to April, and make sure Lane, who's pregnant with twins, takes it easy.

It's just not natural; it's like the entire heart of what GG was about -- friendships, Stars Hollow, Lor and Rory -- has been ripped apart, and now we get these separate worlds, none of which are as interesting as the collective world everyone used to be in. Yes, I know characters should be allowed to grow and change. But something has disappeared with all that growth and change. A sense of lightness, a sense of fun. I don't know... none of it feels right.

So Lor and Chris are married. You know that Lor doesn't feel right about it, either; the look in her eyes at the end of the episode was the same as it was when she woke up next to Chris at the end of last season. Doesn't she have a backbone? Can't she say no to this man? Or is she just so lonely, so ready to have what she thinks is the idyllic life, despite the fact that she's built a great life for herself already, that she'll succumb to anything Chris throws at her? Something tells me she wanted Luke to be like this, too, which was unrealistic; she knew him long enough to know he wasn't Mr. Impulsive. Anyway, the preview at the end of the episode is giving me an indication that a) the elopement aftermath isn't going to be so idyllic, and b) Luke is going to get back involved in a big way. Until then, we're really just treading water.

Other than that? Hm... Nice to see Mrs. Kim for the first time this year. Though the stories about her strictness towards Lane are getting a bit tiresome. Lane's 22. She's married. She's having twins. Leave her the hell alone already, lady! Though it was funny to hear Zack talk about taking care of Siamese twins (or conjoined, if you're PC) after seeing them in the ultrasound picture. Is Keiko Agena really pregnant? That's the only reason I can think of that they inserted this storyline. Actually, it's not a bad idea, considering she wasn't really going to do much this season, anyway.

The Rory story was eh. Her nattering artsy friends are teeth-grindingly irritating, but at least it gave us a chance to see what Rory would look like if she was in a band. Cute. All of this wistfullness about where she's going in her life seems sudden, doesn't it? But it's a sign that things are changing for Ror. She won't be editing the paper anymore. She's graduating. Logan's in London, and she has no idea what she's going to do. Well, welcome to real life, Ror; it's a bitch. She'll figure it out.

It's interesting that one of the girls referred to her boyfriend simply as "Boyfriend;" I thought the writers were putting that in as an annoying affect until we found out who "Boyfriend" was: Rory's old buddy Marty! You remember him, right? I have no idea why he decided to pretend not to know Rory when he was introduced to her; maybe he was so affected by his crush on her and her rejection two years ago that he didn't even want to give his new girlfriend any indication that they knew each other. It was a pretty nasty blow to Rory's emotional solar plexus, but she kind of deserved it after the way she strung the guy along. Oh, Rory... not being in control hurts, doesn't it?

Despite my objections to the overarching plots so far this season, the episode on its own wasn't that bad; not nearly as annoying as last week's, and it flowed pretty nicely. Actually, I prefer an episode with normal-sounding dialogue at this point than one that tries to hard too sound like Team Palladino wrote it. But we're probably a couple of episodes away from there being a big emotional climax, and the ride until then is going to be bumpy. And, unfortunately, probably a little bit boring, too.

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Hmm, I agree with the earlier poster who said that Lorelai needs to stop rebelling against her parents and start living the life that suits her best. Lorelai honestly does not seem like a small-town character who would marry the local diner owner, to me. I live in a small town, so this is nothing against small towns, but she and Luke seem to come from different worlds. Stars Hollow may have been a safe place to run away to as a teenager, but it seems like just because she didn't want to be defined by her wealth, she now wants to be defined by her lack of wealth, by the fact that she belongs to a small town instead of her parents' world. She will never be a mature character unless she realizes that the relationships she forms and the ways she uses her talents are more important than where she lives or what kind of society she lives in. The world isn't just divided into wealthy=bad, middle class=good.

I think the ideal series ending would be Lorelai developing an actual adult relationship with her parents, and starting a new life with Christopher. They are similar in that both of them come from an elite world, both of them have struggled for a long time to make a success of life on their own terms, and they are more compatible with each other than Luke and Lorelai anyway. Christopher has always been that inevitable reminder that you can't completely run away from your past.

For me, Lorelai doesn't need to return to her parents' lifestyle, but nor should she stay in Stars Hollow for ever. Stars Hollow seems to be her security blanket, where everyone adores her and doesn't demand much of her. She needs to overcome her teenage running-away instincts and finally grow up.

I don't think the series will end that way though, because the theme seems to be that Lorelai is defined by her life in Stars Hollow, and to move beyond that would destroy who she is. As a result Lorelai is regressing more and more to a spoiled teenager who doesn't want anything but her own way. Christopher is right, they need to buy a new house and start a new life, but Lorelai is clearly frightened of leaving her safe world behind.

December 07 2006 at 11:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think that Lor is messing up her life and relationship between her and Rory. I love Lorelia but she just doing what Emily has dreamed for her and will soon realize it and just turn everything around again and then she'll see that nobody will be there for her to help her.She knows that she loves Luke and she just isn't patient with him.

November 25 2006 at 11:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Personally, I don't understand all the fuss with you people. I have watched the GG for many years. There was always a hint that Lor and Chris would at some point get together. Did it not appear inevitable? Luke could never commit to Lor and so it goes. Since the show is most certainly in its last season, it makes perfect, perfect sense that Lor and Chris would finally come together in the end. After all the references and Lor being defensive with her parents over Chris, it just seems fitting. Besides, Luke's character and Lor's character don't mesh well. Luke is a camping, home town guy and Lor is a bit beyond him. She has a family that is wealthy and a daughter who attends Yale. It makes no sense that she would marry the guy who owns the corner diner. I applaud the writers for bringing it all together! I am happy to see Lor and Chris together as I believe it reflects real life. Sometimes people do make mistakes but who is to say that time and distance cannot change people? People grow and grow up...so it appears the case with Chris. And Lor, who thought that Luke would be the answer, found that perhaps not. Lor has grown the most in by discovering that what she had been fighting all her life (parents'/parents' opinions) is counterproductive. She acted out in order to go against her parents but has now found as a grown up that she no longer needs to rebel. This is also an accurate reflection of life as most of us when we get older find we have more in common with our parents and even become more like them. So Lor has come full circle and I was waiting for this and am excited that the writers recognize the importance of bringing Lor into the fold with her family -- which is so important. As for Rory, Logan is correct when he tells her that she comes from money and privilege. Rory has been pretending that she is a someone other than Rory Gilmore...she is a young woman born into privilege with wealthy grandparents, a wealthy father and a wealthy boyfriend. It is this acceptance of one's self that makes it real. She is not a struggling writer, and like her mother must recognize that she is of the same cloth as the people she judged in her article. That is and has always been the reality here. They are a wealthy and powerful family...not just average Joe's. I frankly was happy after all these years of rebeling to see Ror and Lor finally accepting who and what they are. It is realistic in every way. The show was not written about 2 poor women struggling in some squalor...no this was about 2 (now women) who were born into eliteism trying to find their place in life and accept themselves while constantly maintaining their independence from the very things that allow them independence. Emily and Richard allowed them to have more than most in SH and they are not like everyone else. I applaud the writers. This plot has been years in the making! Bravo!!!!!

November 22 2006 at 11:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I all honesty i haven't really enjoyed an episode of GG since half way though season 5. Ever since then the show has just been flowndering like a drowning fish!!

And lets be honest, this started WAY b4 the whole April fiasco. This mess started way back at Rory dropping out of Yale and her and Lorilie not talking. I mean this was supposed to be a show about a mother and daughter - When was the last time they had a scene together?? i think gilmore girls needs to dig deep down to the roots of the show to try and save anythink from the fourth comming wreakage.

I would hate to c this show go out on a downer - wouldnt you??

November 18 2006 at 7:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sadly very little is working for me with GG's and the previews have left me with the feeling that maybe - just maybe - it is time to stop watching. It seems Dave R. has forgotten that Loreli is a grown woman - has a daughter who is graduating college this season and is/was a strong single woman.

As for Luke, he didn't treat Loreli with the love or respect a fiance would or should. When April (truly a big mistake) arrived he should have included Lor and not shut her out. Only when he realized the folly of the April Birthday Party did he enlist her help only to tell her and tell her rather rudely that April's Mom didn't want April exposed to Lor. Luke showed no backbone. Christoper has a history and I give him some slack because he is Rory's father and has a long history with Lor.

My thoughts are too late but I really sense Dave R. should have let the Luke/Lor/Chris storyline alone and unweaved the April storyline to some sort of a real compromise - something "real" couples would do or at least make the attempt.

Now that Lor and Chris are married - he should leave it alone and find a way that Luke and Lor can be friends again. No competition between Chris and Luke -because what seems to be happening is Lor as a puppet who is really being directed as whim to how the storyline is being received.

November 17 2006 at 2:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i also noticed the isolation of the different characters' stories here - and i agree it seems wrong that luke and lorelai and rory and sookie and lane don't interact at all. (in this ep, anyway.) i actually had no idea chris & lor would get married, and it pisses me off that she agreed to marry chris w/out rory being there or even knowing. if she's feeling lost and afraid right now, how is she going to feel when lor drops this bomb on her?
and i totally disagree about rory's new friends. they're the first really fun characters the show has put forth since it started. i think they're a lot better company for rory than that a-hole logan. and the "boyfriend" bit was so obvious - the fact that rory never even asked his name and they refused to use it totally broadcasted that it would be someone rory knew. i half expected it to be jess or dean, for crying out loud.
i do agree that the show started sucking last season; i don't know what the hell i think about it anymore.
and their stereotypes of paris were totally lame. i've been there twice: the people aren't rude, the streets are so much prettier than those crappy sets, and anybody who spends a day in paris in bed, jet lag or no, is a complete idiot. not really relevant, i know, but it needed to be said.

November 16 2006 at 11:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought this show was one of the best sit-coms on TV for a long time but they sure figured out how to mess things up. Lorelai and Rory have no good GG banter any more. Lorelai jumps around from one relationship to another and seems to find herself becoming a yo-yo with someone who is obviously 20 years too late to redeem himself as far as I'm concerned. Rory has turned into a whiney wannabe know it all and the whole focus of small town values went out the window when they turned the show over to the new "writers". So... Rory (how can you do this to me)and Logan (it's not my fault) should hook up and go live in a pent house in New York as a young "up and coming" couple ... Lorelai(faithful? - what kind of concept is that!!) and Chris (romantic - yeah right!) can stay married (they deserve each other) and live in Boston or wherever he hangs his fancy hat while we get back to the Hollow and the Dragon Fly Inn with all the regular folks who actually make sense. We can cheer on Suki and sympathize with Luke, watch April grow up, have a laugh over Kirk and even try to understand where Richard and Emily go wrong trying to do the right thing. The Gilmore Girls need to be put out of their misery - they seem to be too much or not enough, I can't decide ... I wonder where the flip flop and indecision came from (Ha Ha )

November 16 2006 at 11:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yes, the writing is getting blah. However, creating these love triangles is out of control. I hate to think Lorelei is using Chris to get back at Luke is was on every level a complete jerk to her. Now, who can see this coming a mile away. Rory is feeling lost and here comes Marty back in the picture, she can cheat on Logan who in england with her new best friend's boyfriend. And lastly, has everyone except me forgotten Rory's foray into a life of crime, at least a full semester out of Yale (how did she catch up a whole semester at Yale!) and now she's a senior. Did anyone catch exactly why she is no longer editor if she is so despondent.
I agree, mother and daughter have got to reconnect instead of all of these separate story lines and plot twists.

November 16 2006 at 9:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The writing isn't completely terrible. I just find it to be simple...it doesn't have that zing or snap that it used to have, but last year's story lines were ridiculous...a daughter from the past..ugh!! The Luke and Lorelai rel'n wasn't going anywhere last year. It seemed like anything that Lorelai did made Luke cringe. For a man who waited so long for a women, you think he might of put a little effort into it.
But, Lorelai not feeling the least bit sad after hurting Luke by sleeping with another man, even if it was Chris, is a bit strange. She doesn't mention a thing about it...even the heartless of women would have some sorrow or regret. I agree the Chris/Lorelai thing seems forced. Although next week episode looks like it could be interesting. The hopeless romantic can always appreciate a man who will fight to get his woman back.

November 15 2006 at 12:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The promo at the end gave me hope that these disparate plot threads will some crash together with a satisfying crashing sound by the end of the season/series. I nearly gave up last night.

November 15 2006 at 11:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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