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October 23, 2014

Desperate Housewives: Beautiful Girls

by Jen Creer, posted Nov 19th 2006 11:11PM
Creepy Art from Desperate Housewives(S03E09) Hurray, Bree finally threw Orson out! Not, mind you, that I think he is completely guilty (I think that is where we are being led, but I think it's too obvious. I am hoping for a twist). I am just happy that that storyline is moving forward. Boo, it looks from the previews like she lets him come back next week!

Isn't Dixie Carter delicious? And isn't Andrew wonderful? That actor makes the most of a teeny, tiny role of anybody on television. "You can forget the codeine." Bree is being ridiculous, allowing that woman to ruin her marriage by living in their house. On the other hand, the storyline with Orson would never progress if it weren't for his mummy showing up-- and Bree is ridiculous by nature, so it's all good. Do you suppose they are going to work Marcia Cross's real-life pregnancy into the show? Bree likes to point out that she is a Republican, so having a baby would be a good way for her to miraculously invite Orson back into her life: It's more important to have a nuclear family than to leave the husband who may have killed two other women, right?

The storyline with Lynette is very very good, and very very compelling. I know I harp all the time on things being realistic -- I can't help it, I even want my trashy romance novels to have some semblance of believability simply because otherwise, I can't lose myself to the story. The storyline with Art is very very complicated, creepy, and realistic. Of course, if there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, it would be easy for those who did not personally see the pictures of the boys in the basement to think that maybe Lynette is over-reacting. Some commenters from last week wondered why she hadn't gone to the police, but we saw immediately this episode that she did. But then she did one better: She told Mrs. McCluskey, who was handling the matter her own way at the end of the episode. We actually met Art's sister this episode, and I had previously believed she did not exist. Does she know what Art was doing? She is in a wheelchair-- could it be that she had never been down to the basement? I realize that I am giving Orson a whole lot of benefit of the doubt and not Art. Why is that? Just a hunch-- or perhaps, as a mother, I just can't give Art a chance. I hope I am wrong about him, though.

I like Edie better all the time. Who knew she would be Ms. Responsibility, doing the bills? Of course, that was a neat segue for Carlos to come lying his way into staying with Mike for a few months while his place is being renovated. What is that going to do to Mike's being arrested? Another commenter noted surprise that Carlos and Gaby's divorce was final after the way they ended things during the episode in which they thrashed the house-- I was surprised too. But their divorce is final-- just not their story, apparently.

I liked this week's Susan storyline. It was like watching Arthur or Batman, only the nice, wise old butler to the enigmatic, rich, good looking man, is evil now. Is his loyalty to Jane misplaced? I don't think so. And I think Rupert is right about Ian: I don't think Ian wants Susan there, and I think the second Jane wakes up, Susan is gone. Does every show or movie made since the eighties have to reference About Last Night's scene about the drawer?

And Gaby. A predictable storyline, but what the hell? You're trying to help little girls learn how to model, but you're feeding them pizza and telling them how models use bulimia and laxatives to lose weight? Also, just because you are a skinny minny and can eat whatever you want, maybe you could have bought them all a nice salad? At any rate, I don't really care-- I think Gaby really does need to do something for others, and I think she really does need something worthwhile to fill her days, and working with kids is great. Would you have forgiven Gaby if you had been one of those mothers? I don't know what I would have done-- I have a lot of inside information about Gaby on which to base forgiveness. But if I only knew what those mothers knew, I might kick her out on her skinny little ass, apology and all.

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