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October 7, 2015

Dexter: Shrink Wrap

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 20th 2006 11:46AM


(S01E08) Despite the fact that I think pretty much everyone was sharing the same hunch about who the real Ice Truck Killer is, how cool was that final scene? I'm so pumped for the rest of this season now. We'll come back to this though.

One of the big things I really loved about this episode is that Dexter seems to finally be realizing that in order to make it, he needs to start humanizing himself a bit more. He needs to start giving into the things that once made him feel powerless and accept that fact that even he needs to find a real connection with someone. Clearly it's Rita and the fact that Dexter was finally willing to have sex with her (and she didn't find him to be "empty" in bed) was a big step. He definitely cares about this woman, despite what his inner monologue says, and the only thing that worries me now is what happens when she finds out what Dex does?

Obviously he doesn't want anyone to know who he is. That became clear from his conversations with the shrink, Dr. Meridien. I love the time and patience that Dexter put into his pursuit of the doctor though. He made appointments, broke into his office at night... really made sure that this guy was someone who deserved to die. It was almost comical when after a botched sexual experience with Rita, that Dexter realized he couldn't kill Meridien yet because he needed another therapy session. That was odd though if you think about it. Dexter was actually taking advantage of someone's skills fully knowing that he was going to kill him anyway.

Rita's ex-husband Paul is still around. He's a total jerk too. Anyone else pick up on all the subtle jabs he kept throwing at Dexter? These two are going to end up going at it. And Dexter will win. It's just a matter of when and what Paul does to push Dexter over the edge. He's like the grown-up version of that bully who used to harass Dexter as a teenager. Dexter never got to kill that kid and now it's like he's being given a second chance.

LaGuerta's story is starting to get really good as well. She's completely setting up Captain Matthews and the district attorney when it comes to Neil Perry. LaGuerta finally took Dexter's advice and she grilled Perry -- he admitted he lied after she shook a decapitated head in front of him. The guy was terrified of it. Despite this new info, Matthews and the D.A. want to push forward. The case is going to fall apart, so it's a total power-play for LaGuerta. She'll probably end up with a promotion by season's end. She's smart.

OK, back to the prosthetics doctor. His name is Rudy right? I vaguely remember Tony Tucci calling him Rudy in a scene from last week's episode. I don't think his name was used in this one though. Regardless, he and Deb are hitting the ground running. Too bad she has no idea why he's chosen her. Once again, how cool was that last scene? He responded to Dexter's personal ad on Craig's List and then retired to his built-in freezer... to chop up some body parts. Creepy. I can't wait to see how this turns out. He's going to use Deb against Dexter too. That's the only thing I'm not looking forward to.

What did he say in his response though? Something like, "Patience Barbie, we'll share a cold one some day soon?" This is going to be good.

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Barbara Steinberg

The name of the actor who plays Rudy is Christian Camargo. He went to Juilliard, lived in England doing the Globe Theatre, has done Shakespeare, and did a reality series for MTV about his car-refurbishing business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called Fast Ashleys. He also starred with Harrison Ford in K-19: The Widowmaker. I think he is the hottest guy I have ever seen.

December 05 2006 at 11:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What's with serial killers and classifieds man...

December 05 2006 at 7:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Glenn Olsen

The actor who plays Rudy (ITK) is Christian Camargo. I don't know why he is not listed on IMDB's cast for Dexter, but anyway.. For those who wondered.. :-)

December 05 2006 at 3:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

can anyone tell me what type of phone that dexter is seen with on the show

December 04 2006 at 12:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It was driving me crazy too trying to figure out who Rudy is, I saw his name in one of the posts and looked him up then it hit me...he had a reality show in MTV this year. Him and his partner buy cars for usually high end clients, either for purchase or to use in photo shoots, etc. He is a cutey!

November 27 2006 at 3:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Rudy's real name is Christian Camargo. And hot damn is he hot..

November 27 2006 at 2:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Rudy, the prosthetics doc, is played by Christian Camargo.

November 27 2006 at 1:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was really surprised that Tucci never realized even a bit that the doc was the guy who cut him up. I guess the doc really has an alter ego who is entirely different. Also, what happened to the 'partial print' they found on the wrapper?

I knew the doc was the killer the moment they showed him touching Deb's thighs (when he was about to make the prosthetic legs.)

November 26 2006 at 8:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What was the song at the end of "Shrink Wrap"? Where the ITK goes into his freezer?

November 26 2006 at 5:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sharp Lily

I, like Dave, may be slow, but I was blown away by the final scene. SICK! Which indeed made for a great TV moment. This show just gets better and better -- Michael C hall is fantastic, the characters are all so well written, and the subtle humor is amazing. Ive just got a little knot in my stomach for Deb, though. Dang, she knows how to pick em!

November 23 2006 at 1:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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