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October 10, 2015

Criminal Minds: Lessons Learned

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 23rd 2006 11:21AM

Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, and Mandy Patinkin star in Criminal Minds.(S02E10) Great episode. It felt a little bit generic (most crime dramas have already had the "terrorist" episode by now), but Criminal Minds still managed to put it's own twist on the story.

This was the first episode where we got to see what Agent Prentiss is all about. She's good. Very good. She seems to have an almost Dr. Reid level of knowledge. Not to mention literacy and fluency in most forms of Arabic. I love Paget Brewster, but it still feels like she's acting in the role of Beth Huffstodt, you know? I'm sure she'll adjust her acting style for this part. But right now I'm agreeing with what a few commenters said about her last week. She needs to tone it down a little. She's still a bit too enthused.

Nice turn by Anthony Azizi as the terrorist being held down at Guantanamo Bay. The guy is a great actor. Loved him in Commander in Chief too. From a timid, homosexual presidential aide to a hardened Egyptian terrorist. Quite the range.

How good was it when Gideon tricked him at the end though? He completely manipulated time with the guy. It was easy for us viewers to catch on though. Morning came rather fast didn't it?

Despite the fact that Gideon does seem to be a hard guy to work for, I like that Prentiss had to work for his approval. He's willing to give you respect but you need to give him something first. Emily did that, so from here on out she's part of the team.

Anyone else notice how struck Garcia was when her and JJ saw the news of the explosion? We've always known that she cared about Morgan, but this was the first time she was visibly shaken (tears and all) knowing that he might have been dead. I wonder if she'll make a play for him this season?

I was also glad they revisited Hotch and his family. He's never home but his wife seems to be awfully understanding of what he does for work. How much longer can that go on? I think for the sake of story, she needs to leave him. I really want to see how that affects his character.

Anyone catch the preview for next week? Anton Yelchin (he starred as Paget Brewster's son Byrd on Huff) is guest-staring in next week's episode. I wonder if she recommended him for the part? It looks like a good one.

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I liked this episode.

I agree that PB was much better in this episode than last week's. I sort of didn't like how they made her Reid-ish, but I guess if that's what it takes for us to accept her and move on, then I guess its okay.

Re: Hotchner's marriage. I may be in the minority on this, but I actually would like to see his marriage work. I'd like to see how being a profiler affects his marriage and his family -- and I'd like it to work for him. Maybe not perfectly, but with compromises, problems, disagreements and successes -- with sticking it through as the outcome and not have it end in divorce. It'd be nice to see a marriage that works amidst all that horror.

November 24 2006 at 2:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yes, I agree. Another great episode.

I also liked the time manipulation ruse. I didn't catch on until they revealed it. Just a sucker I guess.

Prentiss seemed OK to me. She was a bit over the edge last episode as far as being a bit spastic, but this episode was much better. It made sense to me that she would be pretty eager to please. The BAU is a pretty elite group and she needs to show them what she's got.

Garcia and JJ were a good team. I thought it was a stretch that they were able to find pertinent info to their case so quickly. All the Intel in the country was streaming on one monitor? I liked the urgency of this episode. It was nice not having to hear the "yep sugar-cheeks" kind of stuff from Garcia.

The Hotch storyline was good. That wife sure is understanding. If I heard that the terror threat level might be increased I think I'd want to know more.

November 23 2006 at 12:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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