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September 4, 2015

The Daily Show: November 28, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Nov 29th 2006 11:44AM
Jon StewartHappy 44th birthday, Jon! As if tumbling into his mid-forties wasn't already stressful enough, Jon was reminded of his continued journey into seniority when an audience member informed him that it was her birthday as well... her 18th birthday. Aww, poor Jonny Stew is feeling the pressures of time. Well, for what it's worth, I think he still looks great.

Maybe he was still kind of feeling weird about getting old or he felt nervous about the night's guest, but Jon seemed really giggly. The first ten minutes of the show just felt odd.

The Bush twins are not on good terms with Argentina (oh snap). When are they on good terms with anyone?

"Mess O' Potamia": Some old propaganda footage, featuring Saddam Hussein and a load of crappy weapons, has surfaced. In the video, Hussein demonstrates various low-tech weapons, such as slingshots and molotov cocktails. There was also a sex sling of death, which looked tremendously painful to use.

And I know that the Igor the Assassin news is meant to be pretty terrifying, but I think it's, well, totally freakin' awesome. Igor. The. Assassin. He knows judo. And he has a limp. All he needs is, like, a deadly bowler hat and a poison-tipped umbrella. Jon tried doing his little "MUUURDER" joke again (only this time, without the funny little prop glasses). Didn't work this time either.

Jason Jones filed a report about -- this is real -- the Cocaine Energy Drink. I thought Jones handled this segment really well. The taste test thing was fantastic ("This tastes like shit!"). Plus, I am now very tempted to print out some stickers and re-label some stuff at the supermarket (Unprotected Anal Sex Fruit Roll-Ups, anyone?).

The night's guest was musician Tom Waits (he has a new box-set, "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards"). I don't know much about the guy, but he seemed very charming. Jon made it very apparent that he was a fan because he was pretty much gushing over Waits throughout the entire interview (aww, what a fanboy). Oh, and apparently the Daily Show bathroom started collapsing around Waits? That was... weird.

Jon/Stephen: No Stephen Colbert. Probably because Jon wanted as much Tom Waits as possible. Moment of Zen (or, as Jon put it, his Moment of Zen): Tom Waits performed "Day After Tomorrow". Again, I'm not that familiar with his music, so I don't know how well he fared. I'm sure Jon was peeing himself with excitement, though.

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Annie, you're right about Jon seeming really giggly in the beginning, and the whole show felt a little weird...but it was really cute when he "completely f#cked up" the joke about that guy's name. Tom Waits was okay, that same song was on a moveon.org's "Future Soundtrack for America" CD but I feel he was better there.

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