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August 31, 2015

The layout of Sacred Heart confuses me

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 5th 2007 1:07PM
The cast of ScrubsEver been watching Scrubs and wonder just where in the hell they are in that confounded hospital? It seems to me that there's a few basic sets: The cafeteria, the ICU, an operating room, private and semi-private rooms, the first-floor reception area, and now the new Coffee Bucks that was built in the hospital this year. There are also various hallways and patient floors that we've seen over the years.

Granted, they're not really "sets," since the show is filmed in a former working hospital. But they never really show where anything is, except for the reception area (and wouldn't most people enter the hospital via the emergency room if they were sick?) and the Coffee Bucks. What's more interesting is that we see the characters go from area to area without even a thought as to the logic of it. Aren't nurses assigned to a floor or a section of a floor? Then how come we see Carla or Laverne in the ICU one minute and on the first floor the next (on the same shift)? And did the Coffee Bucks take the place of the cafeteria, because I haven't seen it since the coffee place debuted in the third episode.

Anyway, some of these questions can be answered with, "It's TV, stupid!" But others aren't so easy to explain. Anyone want to have fun with this and guess what floor each of these settings are on? Let me know in the comments.

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No idea about the layout, but I recall an interview done for "Fresh Air" where the creator and Zack talked about early working in the hospital, how eerie and spooky it was. Apparently when the crew first got to it, there was just too much to do to clean it all up.

Watching the pilot and early episodes, if the camera tracks upwards, you can see damaged tiles an worklights all over the place.

In other shots, you can see damaged walls, broken cabinets and other signs of abandonment.

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Why would that guy Elliot had a thing with who worked at Sea World mean that the show was set in California? California is not the only place Sea World is at.

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Answer to #1:

Sacred Heart Hospital is fictitious and not supposed to be in a real city. Bill Lawrence said it's located in the city of San DaFrangeles, an amalgam of San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Anyhoo, I suppose having to choose between hanging out in a hospital cafeteria or in a franchise coffee house, I'd much be in the coffee place...

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a jug of Clorox

Sacred Heart is named for the boarding school that Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence's wife (who plays Jordan) attended.

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The cafeteria hasn't been seen of late because they had been using that "stage" as the rehearsal hall for their upcoming musical hall. I guess they've got limited space around there, so they had to use an existing set.

From watching behind-the-scenes videos on the set, it seems the few places they have are the only places they can really use, because many of the other former patient rooms, etc., are used for the various people working on the show -- writers, editors, propmasters.

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OK, the layout is confusing me too, but not quite as much as how stupid that last episode was. I mean, Elliot was fine after what Turk said in the first scene, but later she gives her standard 'I'm emotional' look and we're supposed to believe that she's only offended much later and that Turk was being insensitive? Bleugh.

Also, the House reference(s) were offensive to anyone that watches House, as the cane does not make the House. This episode was crappy save the last few seconds, where the only real dramatic element since season 3 was revealed, ever if they had to spell it out to the audience.

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Some people have WAYYYYY too much time on their hands!!!!

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I don't think the show has expressly set which city they're in. According to Wikipedia, producers say the show is set in "San DaFrangeles." That said, they've shown someone reading the Los Angeles Times on screen. That would fit in with a Southern California setting, unless the person brought the paper with them.

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Nah-uh, Sam Adams! Gig is bit closer -- there's a Sacred Heart Hospital right here in Eugene, OR (which borders Springfield, the real-life inspiration for the town of Springfield on 'The Simpsons').

Anyway. California. Definitely not Washington, as Kim talks about moving to Tacoma as if it's way far away.

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You silly geese. It's set in Springfield.

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