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August 27, 2015

Everybody hates Isaiah Washington

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 17th 2007 8:34AM
isaiah washingtonIsaiah Washington may be the least liked cast member on the set of Grey's Anatomy. After the Golden Globes, he ticked off Katherin Heigl, who plays "Izzie" on the show. After the cast won the Golden Globe for Best Drama, Washington faced some tough questions from the media about an explosive incident on the set last year where Washington reportedly called T.R. Knight a "faggot", and nearly got in a fistfight with Patrick Dempsey over his comment. The entire thing led to T.R. Knight admitting his homosexuality to the national media.

On Monday night, Washington told the media types that the whole incident "never, never happened." Katherine Heigl disagrees and sounded off to Access Hollywood, saying that Washington is full of crap. Knight concurs. It sounds like Washington makes his work environment rather uncomfortable.

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As a gay black male reading this postings and the responce of so many heterosexuals to this incident I can honestly say I am truly shocked. It is truly disgusting how so many heterosexual Americans are completely unwilling to extend gays even the most minimal of respect. Refering to a gay person as a faggot is WRONG. Faggot is a derogetory term that is used to describe a gay male. When people who are not gay refer to a gay person as a faggot they are saying so much with one word. Anyone who is even been called a FAGGOT before knows how hurtful, degrading, and truly dehumanizing that word is and how when people call gays faggots they are using that term to dehumanize us. Heterosexuals like jen who do not understand that faggot is a horrible term are simply ignorant and stupid and have never experienced how it feels to have a person scream that word at you at the top of their lungs with the look of hatred in their eyes as you are walking down the street. As far as gays deciding to be hurt by that word, that is truly idiotic...just ask a gay person about the experiencess they have had where people have called them faggots and what were the contexts of those incidinces and maybe you will gain some perspective.

February 04 2007 at 10:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

WOW!!!!!!! I am so out done by most of the comments I have read on here. First let me just say I noticed that we are so quick to persecute some people and hardly acknowledge other people's wrongdoing. For example I seem to remember Michael Richards throwing out a whole line of racially motivated remarks towards African Americans. When the media covered that story- all you heard was the comments that he made. Michael Richards' character was not even an issue and it should have been. I even remember people coming to his defense. Rev. Jesse Jackson's allowed him to give his apology on his radio show. So I think if Jesse Jackson can hear Micheal Richards' apology for his outrageous remarks, which were caught on tape with sound and all, then we can certainly allow Isaiah Washington to repent for his prejudice comments which he denies making. Second I want to address the fact that people have said that if the n-word would have been used against Isaiah it would have been a different story- however we all know that is not true as we saw from the Micheal Richards incident which was brushed under the rug. Isaiah was simply trying to clear his name- yes I think it was in bad taste to say the word while trying to clear his name. Maybe he should have said "I didn't call TR the F-word" LOL. Third I want the cast on that show to focus on the show because to me the show doesn't have longevity- it's no Law and Order. It's a show for the moment- the must notable thing about the show is the controversy surrounding it. Isaiah was trying to clear his name- I do not think forcing someone into counseling for work place he-say she-say is crazy. I mean I actually heard Michael's comments and felt the hate behind them. So people please spare me all this mellow-drama. Also don't think that the n-word which carries with it three hundred years of blood sweat an tears is the same as someone trying to clear their name. How can you assassinate someone's character without allowing them to defend their character?

January 29 2007 at 9:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

#39 Jason,
Actually, you don't get it. The words "nigger" and "Jewing" are associated with racism, oppression, slavery and massmurdering. Unfortunately, there is a difference. However, all people deserve to be respected and treated as human beings. Therefore, offensive words such "fag" versus gay, or "midget" versu little people, or "mongoloid" versus down syndrome are unacceptable terms and deserve the public outrage. The public outrage is a call to action for one to get help. If one gets help then, one should be exonerated on the shame of their ignorance and we should move on. If after, one recieves help they continue the same behavior then one should be crucified.

Case in point, when Michael Richards went on his outlandish racial rant, I was appauled. However, when he reached out to Black leaders for sensativity training and went on talk shows and news shows apologizing for bad behavior, I though he should be given the benefit of the doubt. If after his sensativity training he is caught behaving in the same way, then he should be publically flogged by public outrage and I'd then turn my back on him. As for Isaaih Washington, if he partners with GLAAD, and recieves sensativity training the public should forgive him. If one does not grow up around gay culture or racial diversity, one can be ignorant to the social ills of the culture. I find that southern people from the Bible belt don't have a clue. Moreover, I grew up in the midwest and I too did not realize that I was making insensative remarks. Therefore, give the man a chance.

January 26 2007 at 5:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

#37...geez. You just don't get it. The topic here is hypocrisy. Faggot is slang that is disparaging and offensive(according to the dictionary) and guess what, nigger is also disparaging and offensive. There is no such thing as 'degrees' in respect to faggot and nigger. That's like saying murdering someone with a gun is less severe than with a baseball bat. It's still murder, just like faggot is still a deregatory remark about a section of society. That fact is, Mr. Washington just confirmed what everone already knows and that is everyone has some sort of discrimination in them. Whether its skin color, religion, gender or sexual preference. So don't defend this guy. Don't try to act like faggot is another word for gay or homosexual. I think most people are upset because it is being downplayed simply because Washington is black. Thus the double standard ringing true.

January 25 2007 at 8:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jen, in response to your comment, it is clear you need sensativity training also. Although, the term "fag" does not denote hatred, it does cause pain to a particular group and therefore we should be sensative to all people. I too was like you, in that I was unaware of it's implications. I used the term "Faghag" to a friend of mine who is a Lesbian, and she made it clear to me that for me to say that word was was really offensive. I did not even know I said something wrong. I actually read somewhere that Madonna was a "faghag", so I thought it was a socially acceptable slang term. I also referred to an African American man as a "boy", and another friend of mine was a offended that I referred to another adult 40+ year old African American male as a boy. Again, I did not know that I had put my foot in my mouth. I thought that if I have said term "white boy" before, then it was okay for me to use the term "boy". I had no idea that referring to a 40+ year old african american man as a "boy" subjigated him to subservant subhuman level, therefore, it was a insult. Who knew? Anyway, after it was full explained to me, I then understood. Terms carry a history of pain, that if one dosn't know the history behind the term, then one may not be aware that it is actually offensive.

I do not believe that Issaih Washington knew that he was insulting TR Knight and the gay community when he publically said what he said. He appeared as if he had said something cute, instead of insulting. I think that with sensativity training from GLADD, and some public service announcements on behalf of the gay community, he will bite his tongue in the future and use more discretion.

Finanlly, I am sorry TR Knight was embarrassed and outed in the tabloids. Quite honestly, it may help his career, because he has never gotten so much press as he has now. I viewed the Ellen interview and found his demenor disturbing because he was really uncomfortable with his sexuality being known. She tried to ask him questions, but he wasted the segment rambling on to Ellen about how it was so brave of her to come out. I thought to myself that was ages ago, and now Ellen and Rosie are the stars of daytime talk shows. I hope he can work that out his issues with his therapist because he should be happy during this time of success. I wonder if his fear of being outed was the reason he looked so sad and withdrawn in the last two years.

He is a good actor, and I still want him and Callie to continue their romance, because when I watch the show, he is still the bumbling shy heterosexual, Dr. George Omally who was a former nerd gone wild and was in love with Merrideth but is now Callie's McDreammy.

January 25 2007 at 2:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well if T.R. Knight is homosexual, then what is he going to do, sue everybody that calls him a faggot? Guess what, it comes with the territory. Oh that's right gay's deserve respect and faggot is such a disrespectful label. Let's see what it means, it means "Your GAY!!!!" No, a real disrespectful word is the "N" word used by Kramer on Seinfield. That means "ignorant" and is an insult and deserves way more attention and termination of his contract. But as soon as a black man says something that is not even a racial comment, he is scolded and hunted down by the media and gay activist groups with the noose ready for hanging! What about next month when gays decide they don't like being called "gay", are people going to be sued and defamed for using the word gay. Faggot means "a male homosexual." Now the "N" word on the other hand "a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry." This is how I stand, no matter what word is used for a homosexual, people are still going to feel however they feel about gay relationships. Whether they are for or against it the word faggot should not lead to anyone's termination unless specifically specified on Washington's contract. Who is to determine if faggot is slander or even degrading. Hey, I am a black female. I don't like being called African American, why can't I just be American. Can I sue the government for giving me a label that I don't like??????????

January 24 2007 at 8:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is all getting blown way out proportion. I am a gay, black man and I have alot of friends, both gay and straight and I hear the words "faggot, fag, *itch, slut, fag-hag, etc." being used all the time. If he would have called him "you little queer", as in "Queer As Folk", would that have been more acceptable. The gay community is getting all up in arms about this situation when we call each other by derogatory names all the time in jest. T.R. needs grow some balls and stop whining. Oops, did I sounding a little to "butch"? Sorry.

January 22 2007 at 2:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Quinton Scott

Mr. I. Washington,

As a black-american, gay man whose been an HIV+ survivor since 1988, I'm all too familiar with being on the receiving end of rejection, isolation, racism and many other forms of hatred and intolerance. Therefore, I have just three words for you and your kind; "I forgive you." (Just remember, 'from your lips to God's ears')

January 21 2007 at 1:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Do those who spout these hateful remarks really feel that the public is going to believe 'all is forgiven' once there is an apology?
This really has put a damper on my feelings for the show but I deeply admire those who spoke up. T.R. you are great. I saw you on Ellen. I felt your comments to be so sincere.
One day we too shall overcome.

January 21 2007 at 1:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Michael Richards was lambasted for racial slurs that he made during a stand up comedy performance and rightly so. Black leaders were outraged and as a Caucasian woman, so was I. Now, this Black man has berated a gay man that he works with TWICE, with a hate slur word against him and he should be FIRED. There is no excuse for either of them acting like punks.

January 21 2007 at 12:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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