Minneapolis 'Idol' contestants found on MySpace

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jan 17th 2007 7:46PM
Jessical RhodeAmerican Idol always provides some interesting and inspiring back-stories on some of the more unusual and/or "unique" contestants during the audition episodes. But if you're like me, you might also hunger for more information on some of those who don't merit an individual AI spotlight. Don't you wonder, "Who are these people? And what rock did they crawl out from under?"

Folks you're in luck, because Eric over at Death by Camera has done a little legwork and compiled a list of links to the MySpace pages for last night's rejected and accepted Minneapolis contestants. Dying to know more about The Juggler, The Jewel-Wannabe, or The Cowardly Lion Girl? Then check it out.

You know, it seems like nowadays you can find just about anyone on the web, making me wonder why nobody has even tried looking for Osama bin Laden on MySpace. And I know this is going to make me sound like an old fart (probably because I am), but I don't really get the fascination with MySpace. The pages always look cheesy to me. The punctuation is always horrendous. The designs make me dizzy. The music is annoying. And some of those "friends" photos are truly scary.

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"That girl from Duluth" isn't from Duluth, she's from Eau Claire, WI. She just goes to school in Duluth. Her name is Sarah something, and yes, she was awesome. I hope she goes far in this year's competition.

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Temika Glenise Singletary

Although I don't watch American Idol, what the judges did was totally unprofessional. My mom said to me was "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." That saying is true. Also they should speak what they are spoken to. Otherwise, Simon would be months away from a murder to be committed from whoever he insulted. I hope FOX would take my cautionary comments seriously to heart. I know the contestants aren't very talented, but at least they tried.

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First of all, I am in agreeance with everyone who commented that they made Minnesota look like a bunch of idiots. It was simply ridiculous! Not only is Minneapolis a very cool city with a ton of culture, but it is reknowned (in at least the choral world) for musical talent!
Also, I have to agree with Cindy B (post 12). It really is the fault of the producers for sending all the ridiculous people to the judges that we see on t.v. I actually auditioned in Minneapolis and have had training for years and I completely got looked over in the very first round. I know I was not the only one -- I heard a lot of talent in that stadium, but the judges in the first round . . . well, I don't know what their plan is, but they only take approximately 100 people out of the THOUSANDS that first round, then cut that down in a second round before contestants finally see Randy, Paula, and Simon. I also found out (from a top 40 contestant from one of the earlier seasons) that, out of the 12 judges in that very first round, ONLY 4-8 of them are "real" judges who are even allowed to let ANYONE through, regardless!!! I don't know about you, but I am SO over the American Idol hype. The producers just seem to be out to screw a lot of people over and pass it off as a few "funny" episodes.

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Ok Heres the deal. I took my daughter to an audition and the truth isn't what you see. First we stood in line in the Florida heat for 5 hours before getting inside the convention center. Then we spent the night spend the night on a cement floor, not sleeping because people stayed up all night "practicing". Then we stood and "hearded" for another 7 hours to get to the first try. There is a line of "cubbys" with a person in each one. At each cubby is a line of contestants. When it is your turn you step up and sing for about 20 seconds. You are chosen or not (my daughter wasn't- the "judge" told her she liked her alot but they were in need of a hispanic singer at that point-maybe an excuse, maybe the truth who knows) Anyways, after that you go into see some of the producers and audition again. If they choose you at that point you went back 2 weeks later to sing in front of Randy Paula and Simon. People this is an entertainment show first and foremost. They reject many good singers to put on those that can't carry a tune in a bag, because we, the public watch it. Remember in the beginning when the "tryout" portion of the show lasted only a few days? Now it goes on for weeks before actually getting to the "show". Why? Ratings! I think the original concept of the show was great, but it has since turned into a "joke" up until they get to the top 12. I agree with Rosie and the sad part is they do it because we watch it. You all are talking about being embarrassed by the people representing your towns, well I just get frustrated thinking about the many serious, life long singers that are rejected because we watch weeks of "crap" and find it entertaining. Shame on us! We need to stop watching that part and let them know that we the public don't think its entertaining to watch people be insulted and embarrass themselves for their 15 seconds of fame. Its not that the judges comments aren't sometimes true, but why do we find it entertaining? It's so sad. Some actually think they can sing and some are just trying to get on TV and we have been sucked right into it. Lets get back to basics. Stop watching the first few weeks of "crap" and they will stop doing it. Just my humble opinion!

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I think Simon is just being himself....people expect him to be cruel. Paula scares me. She acts so sweet and supportive when if the truth be known, she's worse than the other two put together (not a nice person-trust me). Randy is just doing his job.
I feel the producers(people) that pass the contestants along for the show) are the ones to blame.....Also, readers you should realize that the contestants are "well" pre-screened before they appear on TV. Some people will do anything to get 2 minutes of fame....even sing like the cowardly lion...sheesh.

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MYSPACE IS AMAZING...old fart indeed.

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Honestly, would the show have made it this far, if Simon sat back and said, "You seem like a nice guy, but you're not what we're looking for, Thanks for coming"? We all watch the show to hear Simons rude comments and to see Paula falling all over herself and paw all over her co-workers. TV airs what sells and what's watched. I think the issue lies with the American Public, not the judges..they are just doing and saying what America wants. That's the sad part about the show. Even sadder, I'm one of the millions that watch.

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Frankly if these people put themselves out there to be on national tv they need to be prepared to take the criticism - good or bad. Thats part of life. Any actor or performer who auditions for anything has to deal with it - why should these people be any different? While you have to give them credit for having the nuggets to try out - be real - half these people know they cant sing and do it for their 15 mins of fame. They cant sing but they can get on national tv and maybe be the next William Hung. I dont feel sorry for any of them. I think they get what they ask for.

As for Rosie - I use to be a huge Rosie fan. Now I think she is a loud mouth that just needs to go away. Im sick of her and sick of hearing who she is slamming this week. Who gives a damn what she thinks? She use to be funny - now shes annoying.

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LOL........Minnesota don't be embarrassed! Everyone in Orlando thinks they can sing, dance, etc. EXCEPT ME! I cannot sing....I repeat....I cannot sing, I am tone deaf!!!! I love good music and know it when I hear it, but I CAN'T SING!!! I did think the comments about the two guys at the end were plants, so I chuckled and ignored the hurt that might be involved. However, I am sure the little guy has been called bug-eyed before!

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