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October 10, 2015

Men in Trees: History Lessons

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 19th 2007 10:55PM
men in trees cast
(S01E13) Well, I totally identified with Marin's constant procrastination so she didn't have to face writing her book. As a person who makes her living as a writer, I always found every excuse in the world to avoid writing: laundry, yardwork, etc. Anyway, the town rummage sale served as a metaphor for what was happening with a bunch of the couples in this episode. They were trying to figure out how much old stuff they could throw out before they could start anew.

Love Triangle #1: Marin and Jack are friends again. I wonder how long this back-and-forth will last? Jack was making out with Lynn and he seemed pretty into it (they are a hot couple, aren't they?). But he was obviously also quite jealous of Marin and Stuart. Now, why does Lynn act so oblivious to Jack's feelings towards Marin? She doesn't see the sexual tension? In the end, Jack and Lynn are moving back in and somehow that seems right. Although my heart breaks for Marin, who is being pursued by her publisher and I'm not sure how I feel about that. He pretty much creeps me out.

Love Triangle #2: The Ben/Sara/Teresa fiasco. Sara is back and after initially being alarmed about Ben and Teresa's reunion, she was a real grown-up about it. She knew she didn't have the right to claim him since she bolted but she decided to enter the fight for Ben. I got a big kick out of how the Teresa/Sara tension culminated in a fight over a unicorn quilt. A unicorn?!? Ben had a panic attack, bringing Teresa and Sara down to earth and, once again, Sara gains her composure and offers to run the Chieftain while Ben recovers and Teresa tends to him.

I loved how the Patrick/Annie storyline ended. After Patrick's botched attempts at proposing, I think it became pretty obvious that he was going to end up proposing at the dump but it still was cute since he had his foot stuck in a humane trap.

Sidenote #1: Teresa looked like she was sporting a black eye that was not all the way concealed with make-up.

Sidenote #2: I really want Anne Heche to brush her hair or pull it back!!

Next time: More sexual tension between Marin and Jack, and a crazy new house.

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I noticed that the cabin is the same one from SG-1

February 14 2007 at 8:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hi Karenlynn...to keep you up to speed regarding Jan 25th episode...this is what happened....Theresa moves out of the Inn and back in with Ben who's awaiting test results regarding his condition that happened last episode. The towns people of Elmo form a "meal tree" in which they take turns delivering food to Ben. Meanwhile, Sarah and Lynn also move out of the Inn. Lynn moves back in with Jack. Patrick is now concerned regarding his financial situation, now that everyone has moved out of the Inn, and Marin soon following, to move into her new house. He decides to take up a paper route to make a little extra money. Meanwhile, Mai sees him delivering papers and later confronts him and discretely offers him money...he declines, but she persists, and he eventually gives in. Celia also discretely insists on giving him money, and he eventually accepts that as well. Later he delivers Ben his food and watches an Asian soap-opera with him. While watching, they see Annie appear on the screen filming a commercial regarding the Inn. Patrick confronts Annie regarding this, thinking it is going to cost them a lot of money and that traditionally he should be the provider and he will take care of them...she wants to help...informs him that it only cost $6 to air it...they eventually decide to work together to save money for their wedding...they return the money to both Celia and Mai. Meanwhile, Jane comes to Elmo to visit Sam "Plow Guy", but ends up spending most of her time with Marin regarding her new house. Plow Guy is a little annoyed with this, but does understand that Marin needs her and that she is her friend. Jane visits Marins new house for the first time...with much distaste...and they see someone in the yard...it's Jack...he is planting a tree for Marin so she can watch it grow as long as she lives in the house. He offers his help fixing up the place and informs her that he has a phone (for Lynn incase something happens while shes pregnant)...I think Marin is thrown off about this a little bit...and she suddenly decides she is moving into the house "tomorrow". Both Jack and Jane think she is making a haste decision, b/c the house is not ready to be lived-in. However, she decides to anyway. With the aide of Jane and Plow Guy she sets off to purchase a new bed and paint. Next, the town of Elmoians decide to help her paint since she is now moving in so soon..they have a little painting party... Lynn is there barbequing (to avoid paint fumes), and she asks Marin how she likes the tree...Marin says she thought it was a nice gift from Jack...Lynn informs her it was from the two of them...later, Lynn confronts Jack about why he didnt tell Marin it was from the two of them, Jack says something along the lines of not having to rub it in Marin's face that they are now together everytime he sees her. Lynn replys by saying, "so you can protect Marins feelings, but not mine." She also comments on how they used to go for walks and hold hands and he(Jack) didn't care who seen. She wants to talk more..he wants to go to sleep. Meanwhile..Marin's toilet doesnt work and a trip to the outhouse is in order...to which there is a bat...long story short...bat chases Marin..Marin calls Jane...Jane is getting frisky with Plow Guy...Marin apologizes for interrupting and hangs up...Jane apologizes to Plow Guy but insists she nees to help her friend...she heads over to Marin's new house...finds a bat on Marin...they eventually get the bat out..and later a bear enters. Jane gets Marin to call Jack...Lynn answers the phone while they are sleeping...Jack goes over... Marin is singing show tunes to try to scare the bear...a good line from Jane..."he just looked at me like im dinner!", it was all quite comical, at least I thought, Jack does save them from the bear, and before he leaves he tells Marin that he is having a hard time moving on as well. The show ends with Jane surprising Plow Guy at work-plowing...wearing nothing but boots, a long coat, and panties/bra....Annie decides to move in with Patrick, despite it not being traditional, and they have guests come to the Inn who seen Annies commercial... then, they are on their bike delivering papers together. Marin bikes to her new house and passes Jack and Lynn on the road walking...camera flashes to their hands showing that they are NOT joined!!! Oh yes, also, Marin does decide to move back into the Inn until the house is fixed up. P.S. I want Jack and Marin together as well...the looks he gives her, he is not flashing to Lynn:)

January 27 2007 at 6:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hi. I am a total fan of Men In Trees! I wait all week to tune in...but being in a rural area with satellite tv that froze tonite, and an aggrivating dial up internet...we only saw a few pieces of tonight's episode....MY Question: is there a synopsis or written version of tonight's happening? I am so concerned about Jack and Lynn...I want them broken up and forgotten about and the commercials this week hinted that Jack and Marin might have some positive interaction this week.....then the satellite kept freezing and I kept missing and I am sick! IF anyone knows or feels like clueing me in on what happened tonight I would LOVE to know! THANKS! Karenlynn

January 26 2007 at 12:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Kathleen Wayman

It's a great show. It's the only one I watch consistently...and agree that it's Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure and how can that be bad?!

Justin Bateman is so odd in this role...but somehow, Lynn's an odd character and it seems to work. I'm rooting for Marin and for Plow Guy/Jane. And PLEASE can Patrick and Annie get on with it? I'd love to see him with her family.

January 25 2007 at 8:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love the show--never miss it, but very disappointed with the Jack/Lynn thing ---probably b/c I don't think Justine Bateman is a good fit for that character----she doesn't look "maternal" at all (referring to Jack thinking she would make a good mother). Perhaps if someone else was cast in that role I might like the Lynn character a bit more. Also, I don't like how "nice" everyone is to each other especially with all the love triangles... Marin and Lynn should be at each other's throats---that would be more realistic and make a better storyline. They need at least one evil character---and I think it should be Lynn. :)

January 25 2007 at 7:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love this show, but it's becoming too "soapy" - break up one show, get together the next...at least keep them apart (or together) for a full storyline!

January 23 2007 at 5:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love pretty much everything about Men in Trees, Anne Heche is great. I love the voice over story line, there's always a lesson to be learned.
My ONLY complaint is Jack's hair!! It's way to puffy!! It looks like it's teased and sprayed!! Yuck.
Give him a good haircut and take advantage of all those curls!!

January 23 2007 at 11:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Danman48 - I had a little laugh to myself too, when I realized that Marin's cabin was the same one used in SG1.

And because I used to live in Alaska, I couldn't help but think "Marin's going to hate that lake come summer when Mesquito season starts." It's the unofficial state bird.

January 22 2007 at 3:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I LOVE Men In Trees. It is one of only 3 shows I must watch every week! MIT is fun, quirky, sweet and just good entertainment. As a previous poster stated, I feel no need to critique - it's all good. I have nothing against Justine Bateman, think she's a good Lynn, but I want Marin and Jack together. I also adore Editor Girl and Plow Guy! Sooooo cute!

ABC - keep Men In Trees in the lineup!!!!

January 22 2007 at 3:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love love this show but I'm so disappointed with Jack. I understand that he still has feelings for Lynn but to take her back entirely? (with another man's baby in her belly), only a few months pregnant and they are doing it already? Man, he must have forgotten everything that happened between them overnight. I guess he's accepted her and the child she's carrying already.

January 22 2007 at 12:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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