Will Fox add more 'Idol' hours to line-up?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jan 22nd 2007 5:00PM
AI JudgesAmerican Idol appears to be the "show-that-can't-be-stopped." At last week's Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, executives referred to it as the "Death Star" because it consistently destroys the competiton. And few expected that Amercan Idol, now in its six season, would not only maintain its monstrous ratings -- but continue to grow.

It's no wonder then that Fox executives are planning on scheduling at least 45 hours of Idol -- and possibly more -- to take full advantage of their ratings powerhouse.

Idol will be used as a powerful lead-in to launch new shows, such as, David E. Kelley's The Wedding Bells, and will hopefully revive barely-breathing shows, such as the Brad Garrett sitcom, 'Til Death.

Competitors have accused the Fox network of "over-milking their cash cow" by adding more hours of Idol to its already-saturated Idol schedule each year. Of course, this criticism comes from networks that think America needs to view Deal or No Deal or CSI Whatever several thousand times a week. Considering the fact that Fox typically remains in last place among broadcast networks when Idol isn't on the schedule, you can't really blame them for pushing their "cash cow" for all it's worth, when it is.

Only, I have to ask "How much Idol is too much Idol?" Right now, I'm already dreading the prospect of watching Idol three times in one week, as scheduled in upcoming weeks. And I find their 90-minute episodes to be a bit "too much" already, filled with fluff and commercials (which I'm going to skip on my DVR anyway). And if you really think about it, couldn't we cut the result shows completely, skip the Seacrest-rejection-theatrics, and just find the results posted online somewhere?

Yeah, maybe that wouldn't be any fun. Still, at which point, if any, will you get sick of viewing American Idol?

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Big Jim

I don't have to turn the channel, because my TV remote doesn't go to reality crap like AI. If I want to hear bad karaoke singers, I'll just go down the street to the nearest bar. No wonder the rest of the world looks down on Americans when we make shows like AI our number one rated show.

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K Wheeler

Enough is enough with AI. I am growing tired of it. I have only watched maybe 30 minutes of this season so far. I just can't seem to get into this season. I now have a new favorite show. Thursday nights on ABC has won my tv viewing time. One hour on one day a week is plenty for me. Thank you ABC for giving us something new and different to enjoy.

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Too much Idol on television? Oh hecks no!! I wish they would come out with a dvd of the entire audition process from each city, both days. I would sit there and watch all ten thousand or more contestents try to become the next American Idol and laugh my @ss off.

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Idol Fan

To Big Jim: I'm 41 (not a teeny-bopper by any means) and I love the show. People like Jennifer Hudson got voted off because at the time she wasn't as good as the other ones. I am very happy for her, but think she needed to grow some more and she did and she got noticed. How great for her, but don't rip on the fans because you're bitter and obviously a little jealous.

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I use to love AI. What I don't like is the audition process. Once they go to Hollywood it becomes fun. For the people that sit their kids around the tv to watch all the fun....just think what your kids are seeing. Grown people that make fun of individuals who think they might just have a chance because they are meeting their "Idol's". When to poor contestant leaves the room they all have a good laugh. Great thing to teach kids. What great parents!

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They've had one good person this year, with few auditions left. It's sad that there is better more intelligent TV shows out there on TV and yet America is obsessed with the mindless dull crap of American Idol. Especially since the whole thing is so rigged that they need to stop making America think we actually decide who stays for another week. That's why Project Runway or Survivor is better because at least we know we don't control those shows.

As for more Idol, the thing I don't understand is there moving quality shows around for it (i.e. House & Bones) but keeping there crappy comedies like Til Death. And also, the producers already said there would be more hours. If you remember when the fall ratings were released, FOX did bad, and so there president or Idol producer or whatever said they would put on Idol for as many hours as they needed to, to take over.

People, go watch a different show, one that is award winning or intelligent like 24, Prison Break, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Without a Trace, Heroes, there are so many out there!

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Steve Zalewski

I wish you clowns would lay off Paula. She is absolutely beautiful. She is a star in every sense of the word, but most of you don't see it because of your own damn insecurities and jealousies. Randy Paula & Simon are good at what they do, and according to Playboys interview with Simon, they all get along great. Don't change your ways Paula.

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I love American Idol. I have watched it from the very beginning. I am 14 years old now and I no a good voice when I hear one. I loved Kelley Clarkson and Ruben Stoddard, Fantasia and Katherine McPhee
and the other winners.
I think that Simon Cowell and Randy and Paula are terrific judges. They are very funny and I laugh at Simon sometimes he is rude but that is Simon. Keep the show on forever and ever.

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