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October 3, 2015

TiVo Series3 price drop: this is how rumors get started

by Brad Linder, posted Feb 5th 2007 6:42PM
TiVo Series3Gizmodo's reporting that TiVo could be planning a major price drop for the Series3 recorder, currently priced at $800.

Of course, you have to take their source with a grain silo's worth of salt: a customer service rep mentioned this to a Gizmodo reader. Because the customer service reps always know what they're talking about. And in fact, even if the service rep knew that a price decrease was on its way, why would that person tell a potential customer who could be ready to buy a TiVo today?

Now, don't get me wrong, I want to see TiVo Series3 units sold for under $400 as much as the next guy (sure, I know that's an unrealistic figure, but seeing as we're fueling the rumor mill, I figured why stop at the more likely $600). But come on Gizmodo. If you're going to call something a rumor, at least find a more credible source than a guy who heard from a guy, even if the email did come from someone's "work email of a well known mega corp."

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The problem with the TIVO 3 IMHO isn't so much the cost of the hardware, but the cost of the electronic guide package which is WAY onerous and lasts forever.

For me to convert the "guide" has to be better priced. I know TIVO suffers financially, but I really would NOT sign up for such a monthly cash drain.

I presently use a ReplayTV for analog recording (I bought a lifetime guide).
Plus a Dvico Fusion Card in a PC for Broadcast HD channels (and analog) and some non encrypted digital SD channels delivered by Cable.

Plus I use TitanTV.

I receive Cable via Cablevision, but refuse to pay for ther Cableguide and use CableCard technology for my Sammy DLP HDTV.

Call me cheap if you like, but TV these days costs a bundle and adding onerous electronic guides doesn't make any sense to me. I look fwd to building another state of the art Media PC with cablecard technology later 2007.

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