Dismissed Idol contestant creates petition to get back on show

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Feb 9th 2007 1:28PM
Akron WatsonThere's an update to Akron Watson's dismissal story. He's come forward to say that the Idol producers KNEW about his arrest for misdemeanor possession of marijuana prior to the audition. Watson told People, "I was completely open about my background, any trouble I had been in, my medical history – everything!"

Watson earned a trip to Hollywood and he still wants it. In fact, he's created a MySpace page called "BringAKBack". And he's looking for people to leave a comment and show support so he can get back on the show.

According to People, Watson said, "It seems like I deserve that opportunity. I still want to know why it is I've been cut. And I still want the opportunity to be on American Idol." But with the Hollywood round already filmed and completed, I'm not sure how Watson would be able to get back into this year's competition, unless producers decide to allow "wildcard" selections later on.

What do you think? Does Watson deserve a second chance? How about an explanation for his dismissal? Or is his fifteen minutes up already?

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Damn MIKEC! It's not that serious. It was just a misdemeanor. They could have let that go. Nobody's perfect. It's just a singing competition, not the CIA.

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Chill dude!

I think the producers should go public with the reason they "dis-invited" hime since they still included him on the shows broadcast so far. Couzin 2 (Ak) should at least know why.

Idol, esplain yourselves...

February 10 2007 at 10:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Do we know the other side of the story? So he "says" he told the producer's? I believe that he lied about his past, and they caught him! That is thier job, and the reputation of the show. There are enough rappers, singers, musician's out there that get arrested. I applod American Idol for sending this message!!!!! The fact is he probally is lieing (like most people to get on the show). So he can sing? Big deal! A lot of people can sing and get rejected. Is he really that good? I think not! This is a "pitty" call to American's. We are NOT going to buy this one (at least not me!). IF they allow this criminal on the show? Then I will personsally ban this show! He does NOT deserve "another Break"! After all, he got one with the small jail sentance! tHINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!

February 09 2007 at 7:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Wil Wheaton

Oh this makes lots of sense, because everyone knows that musicians are always the most sober, monogamous, and honorable people who always have nothing but respect for the law.

I man, can you imagine how the fabric of society would completely unravel if a singer -- from a television talent contest, no less -- were to suddenly break from that tradition?

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Haven't they probably already taped Hollywood?

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It's a bummer for Akron, if the producers did in fact bump him for something that he'd already been up-front about.

That said, he gave no indication that he was good enough to make it through to the semifinals. For that reason alone, I think his petition is doomed to failure.

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With an online petition, how can they refuse?

Snark aside, you have to feel bad for the guy. He'd hardly be the first popular musician with an arrest record, and although I don't know the whole story, he's not in prison now, so he's either paid his debt to society or society decided he owed nothing. So why does Fox have to punish him.


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