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October 8, 2015

Dishing with Dave Barry about 24 (and Martha Stewart)

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Feb 12th 2007 1:57PM

Cast of 24Humor columnist and blogger Dave Barry is known for many things: His Pulitzer Prize, his ill-fated campaign against low-flow toilets and, most recently, for blogging about one of his favorite TV shows, 24.

While his blog is often populated by a variety of odd news tidbits, on Monday nights, it's filled with Barry's off-beat comments about 24. Barry recently fielded five questions from TV Squad about his 24 habit:

TV Squad: Why did you decide to start live-blogging about 24? You don't regularly blog about other TV shows on your web site.

Dave Barry: It was gradual. I started watching the show a couple of years ago with some friends, and then I started mentioning it on my blog, and then it seemed natural to start blogging about it while it was going on.

TV Squad: Judging by the number of comments you get to your 24 posts -- hundreds upon hundreds -- they appear to be among the most popular posts on your blog. Why do you think they're wildly popular, other than, of course, your rapier-like 24 witticisms and incisive observations?

Barry: Well, bear in mind that a half-dozen committed commenters can generate, like, millions of comments. But you're right, it does seem popular. I think it's because 24 is the kind of show that makes you react a lot, reactions such as, "WHAT??" and, "Are they KIDDING??" And it's fun to share those feelings with other people having similar reactions.

TV Squad: Speaking of observations . . . You frequently hyperlink a number of 24 characters' names to humorous photos. For example, when you've repeatedly mentioned that CTU analyst Edgar Stiles is dead, his name has been linked to photos ranging from a sumo wrestler and a whale, to a hippo, Jupiter and Jabba the Hut. Audrey Raines' name often links to a photo of a spider. Chloe O'Brian's name directs readers to a Wonder Woman image. President Wayne Palmer references lead to photos of basketball star Gary Payton. And currently, clicking on Jack Bauer's name sends readers to some form of a Dracula photo.

How did you come up with this idea, and don't you think it's unfair to sumo wrestlers and spiders?

Barry: Spiders, yes. I apologize to them, as a species. As for the others, nah. Linking to unexpected pictures is just one of those fun things you can do on the Internet. So, why not?

TV Squad: You frequently include quotes from 24 episodes in your posts by saying they've been spewed from a "Wooden Dialog Generator" and, from time to time, you suggest that 24 is unrealistic. What do your fans think of these critiques on one of their favorite TV shows?

Barry: I assume many of them agree with me. I think one of the reasons 24 is popular is it's fun to make fun of. I mean, how many times can we be shocked to learn that the Counter Terrorism Unit is pretty much a hotbed of terrorist agents?

TV Squad: Last question . . . While live-blogging during a recent episode in which the now-deceased Bluetooth guy was revealed as Jack Bauer's brother, you posed this question: "What if Jack has a sister and it's Princess Leia?" If you were going to decide who Jack Bauer's sister would be, who would you select? Audrey? Chloe perhaps?

Barry: I have to go with Martha Stewart.

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Dave Barry is a demi-god.

February 14 2007 at 12:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Doc Holliday

I don't even watch 24 and I think Dave's blog is funnier than 24...

February 12 2007 at 6:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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