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October 3, 2015

Battlestar Galactica: A Day in the Life

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 18th 2007 11:25PM
battlestar galactica a day in the life
(S03E15) I had every intention to start listening to Ron Moore's podcast before this episode aired so I could incorporate his thoughts into my review. But wouldn't you know it, it's delayed this week. Anyway, I'll start next week.

I clearly wasn't alone last week with my disappointment in that episode, and several of you were dreading what was previewed for this week. I've learned some time ago that, with this show, you can't trust what the previews show you, so I try to come into every episode clean.

I thought the visuals we were given into Adama's past were a much needed way of making the Admiral seem more "human" to us. It's made clear that this isn't nearly the first time he's had his little talks with his wife. This portion of the episode also paves the way more for Adama and Roslin's relationship to continue, Adama's making it clear that he's a man with duties this time, ones that might get in the way -- something that didn't seem to work so well with his ex-wife.

As afraid as everyone was about Chief and Cally's predicament being yet another cookie-cutter episode, I was still on the edge of my seat when it came time to blow that hatch. It really was a small part of the episode when you think of it. I was impressed with the amount of detail the writers put into the situation, from the options they had (and didn't have) to how the rescue operation would be carried out.

Random thought: Why does Athena always look so pissy when she's given orders? Did you notice her reaction during the rescue scene when she was warned of shrapnel and turbulence?

The way the set directors and designers make the Galactica feel very much like a beaten, old steel horse is fantastic. You consistently see how much of a hammering the ship has taken both inside and out, and in turn the story and actors play out to remind you how bad their situation really is without telling you so outright.

Now I know why it's felt like forever since we've seen some in-space battle action: it's been over a month on the Galactica since a Cylon encounter. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm ready to see the outside of the Galactica again soon. This was a good episode and all, but I'm feeling cooped up like the people in these ships -- maybe that's the point?

Current fleet population: 41,398

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Another aggravating episode. Is is sad that I was hoping Callie would die just so something interesting would happen?

March 23 2007 at 1:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Where's Akbar?

Tom: Good to see your comments again, but again, i don't agree with most of them. Kill Dee, don't Kill Cally. :)

February 24 2007 at 12:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

brooke: the music is from Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST, i have the cd somewhere but i cant find it at this moment, so i cant tell the song's title.

February 23 2007 at 1:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bah, I liked last week. It can't be 100% go go go all the time.

P.S- When The Admiral and the President are talking at the end of the episode theres music playing in the background. Anyone know the name of that piece?

February 21 2007 at 11:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, I used to read and write all the time on this blog about a year, year and a half ago. Back then I said this show totally jumped the shark with the whole Roslyn's cancer cured by alien baby gimmick. I saw all this coming. Back then, everyone jumped my proclamation by saying how stupid I was at claiming a shark jumping had taken place, but now you see what fruits the BSG writers' tree has wrought.

The writers' simply have no idea what to do with this show. And its obvious. And everyone can see it now. I myself came back to this website after a year just to see if everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on too, and the consensus is--you are. I still watch, but I am terribly disappointed with this show anymore. It is in the tank. The subject of next weeks show: Strike! I never realized BSG went union. Holy f@%King sh!t!

The writers on this show are clueless. How many else of you are dissatisfied with so many of these plot lines:

(1) New Caprica - Did this not turn out to be a disaster of a plot line? Isn't the brief time they spent there, and all the personal upheaval, just a nuisance? Is it not comical how they wrapped that up and swept it under the rug, popping the saga back into space and trying to get it on track again after, what, four episodes? And Appollo losing his hysterical gut in four episodes! What a failure of a gimmick. And the Cylons made a mistake and aren't trying to exterminate them anymore? Please. That was a sacrifice the writer's made to follow their lame storyline down to the new planet and sprinkle in some Iraq war social commentary along the way. Totally absurd.

(2) The Mysterious Unknown Cylon Models - Give me a break. What kind of moronic mythology are they trying to get us to buy. The cylons went into hiding and evolved and plotted and waited, and, oh yeah, they don't know who the remaining cylons are. What are they, in development? Are the known Cylons like insignificant cylon shareholders waiting to see what the big corporation is going to come out with in the new line? Where are they, in cold storage? Hidden away? I can't wait for the explanation for this one, if only to see what unbelievable crap the writers can come up with...

(3) What's with them killing off all the interesting characters? - I mean, yeah, its good to keep you guessing and people leave shows in Hollywood, but this show is getting notorious. Some of the supporting cast is what gives this show its flavor. But they keeping knocking off all the interesting characters. Hell, I've been watching for the last year just to see Lucy Lawless (who was and is phenomenal on so many levels)! And Tigh's wife, she could have been creating all kind's of mischief on the ship. Hell, I miss Kat. Mark my words, the are going to kill off Dee or Cally, or both, and on these I'll give them credit. They are baggage to the storylines of the Chief/Boomer/Helo love triangle and Apollo/Starbuck (and I just can't believe the writer's think interesting character development is marrying these people off!!!! See (1) above again!)

(4) Cylon society and interior design based on Swiss cheese - Like I said, I haven't been here for at least a year, but has everyone else already dissected how lame the Cylon universe is on this show? Where the Galactica is this gritty, believable environment, the Cylon world seems to be based on the rejected storyboards from the movie Tron. And the whole "Minority Report" rip-off with the society's "mind" or whatever floating in a tub of goo. Nice going Moore, and the rest of your flailing writers.

Its really getting to the point where the only thing going for this show is whether or not Baltar is or is not a cylon, and I'm thinking, who really cares? I said this show jumped the shark a year ago, that the writer's had something and they were screwing it up. Sad, really. This could have been a great series. But its not. And the way the writers are going, it can't and won't ever be.

Hope everyone enjoys "Norma Rae in Space" this Sunday!

February 21 2007 at 2:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Long time reader first time writer.. not that it's important.

I liked this episode because we get to know Admiral Adam better. The real reason for this post, though, is to defend last week's episode :)

It was a slowly-paced episode ("The Woman King") and there was no real tense moment until Dee's life was in danger. The episode was interesting because of the issues brought up regarding medical treatment of those who refuse it, and what's necessary for the greater good and all that. This was obviously a filler episode and they did their best to relate it to the current predicament in the fleet (refugees).

Most importantly though, this episode reinforced my feelings that Helo is one of the better if not best character on the show. (The Chief is my other favorite). I believe the author of last week's review said Helo is the most boring of all the characters.. and I can see why because he isn't obviously flawed like the others, but I like Helo because each and every time he's stood his ground for what he believed (and I think correctly) to be morally right and good. In this week's episode Roslin said she needed someone she trusts as well as someone she know is morally good, Lee, but Helo is a far more moral person. (As the end of last week's episode reminded us, Helo is the one responsible for saving the entire Cylon race).

In fact the only point at which Helo wasn't morally good was when he and Athena became a couple on Caprica, becuase at the time Helo believed her to be the Chief's Sharon, and yet he continued to have relations with her. I can forgive him for that though, if he genuinely believed that she and him were going to live out the rest of their lives on Caprica.

Anyway I agree with FP, BSG filler episodes are at least thoughtful or relevant to character development (sometimes both), and I find that can be more satisfying than a thrilling and action-packed episode.

February 20 2007 at 10:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree, these episodes, and their successful way of filling in backstory without being cliche or soupy, is the strngth and backbone of the series. They simply cant do shoot-em-up episodes every week. Give us more reason to care (or hate) the characters and we are more invested when their lives are at stake.

A well done episode, indeed.

February 20 2007 at 9:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow, I guess I'm in the minority here... IMHO the strength of BSG is how diverse they can be in their storytelling. Sure its got the action alot of the testosterone set wants, it has the scifi mumbo jumbo more of the trekkie set wants, and it has the character development and interaction that those who like drama want. I love all aspects of the show. While I agree that some of the filler episodes are lame, I didn't think this was one of them.

February 20 2007 at 12:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Does anyone find it believable that Lee used to sneak off and read his grandpa's books? I was giggling when he said that. Seriously, what teenager secretly reads LAW BOOKS???

Minor complaint no doubt, but all the past few episodes have been so underwhelming. We haven't even seen Baltar for the last two.

February 19 2007 at 9:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Even thought it was a filler, I liked this episode--it was simple and you gained a little insight to Adama's past...

I was honestly dreading the whole airlock thing, like I wrote last week, the whole air leak concept is so played out, but I like the way BSG handled it...it wasn't this long and drawn out. They were in and out within 30 mins... It would have been unbearable to have to listen to too much Chief and Cally dialogue, perhaps television's most least interesting couple...ever. This spot was previously held by Starpollo.

Next week's episode? The Chief is leading a strike?! On a war ship, in a time of war?! What gets me though is that it centers around the Chief defying roles after the Chief and Adama go after it in the boxing ring a few weeks ago? In that episode, the Chief realized his place, responsibility, and that he was slacking...what was the point of that understory if he was gonna haul off and pull this?

Damn, I hope the Cylons find them real soon to give us something more intriguing to watch!

February 19 2007 at 5:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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