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October 7, 2015

Medium: Second Opinion

by Brett Love, posted Feb 22nd 2007 10:01AM
David Cubitt(S03E13) One thing you can say about Medium, they don't fall in to the trap of being a formulaic show. These last few weeks the shows have been all over the map with the structure and format. It's one of the things that makes the show so enjoyable.

I missed the very beginning of the episode because right as the show started my cable box decided that was the perfect time to shut itself off. So I scrambled to get all my junk flipped over to straight cable and came back in the middle of the scene with grown-up Ariel and Marie. It left me a little confused until old Joe and Allison turned up. I haven't decided yet whether Allison is just going to be a really hot 50+ woman or if the makeup to age Patricia Arquette just wasn't very well done. Old Joe looked good though.

It was an interesting twist to have Allison having a vision of her family so far into the future. It really showcases just how fragile her psyche is. She deals with a lot of crazy stuff, but that can be set aside to deal with other things. When it comes to her girls though, it consumes her. Arquette did a nice job conveying just how off it all made Allison. It made for another solid Joe episode as well.

I especially liked his crazy time-twisting argument against the mangled Mr. Snookie being the anchor that proves the clouds of doom are hovering. The great thing about Joe is that he is able to get his side of things across, all the while keeping his concern for Allison in mind. He doesn't just cave, and he doesn't just go baby her. It's a very complex and interesting relationship. I was waiting for him to toss out the possibility that maybe the house in question wasn't the house they have now, but another one. After seeing how things played out, it's obvious why he didn't, but I'll give a couple extra points to the writing for floating that idea out there.

Feel free to add those to the bonus casting points for getting Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller, Spin City) to play Albert Bunford. I like him in everything he does, and he was good here. The whole moving scenario seemed like quite a leap, but it just serves to show the lengths Allison will go to. It was a nice touch to have Brigitte ask the big question. Won't there be children moving into the poison house once they sell it? The big reveal of Willow Elm was well done, with all the corpse-like people milling around and the water that went black.

For a while there I thought we were just getting two different stories, with Scanlon off dealing with the death of the kid he sponsors in NA. It took a bit to see how it was all going to fit together, but I thought it was pretty nice when the pieces all started falling. When we finally get to meet the young David Channing it was a great "Ah-ha!" moment. Very clever, and well written. I'm always in favor of more Scanlon. Such an interesting character, and David Cubitt does a great job.

Overall, another really good episode. It doesn't crack into that best of the season realm, but with a clever story and some somewhat overdue Scanlon focus, definitely worth seeing.

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Interesting episode, though I did have it figured out much sooner than Allison (that dosn't really bother me, though). You have to forgive them sometimes and just look past it, because I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't as good as "The One Behind the Wheel" last week, but like Betty said above, not every episode deserves an Emmy. I am not as big of a Scanlon fan as I am a Joe fan, but he's still a really great character. I like seeing more Scanlon, and I actually kinda like him with DiNovi (don't attack me). Tina DiJoseph is not the world's best actress, but I still like the interesting thing she has with Scanlon. I'd like to see more of with them. The way they exposed that is was the new house, not the old one, was cleverly done. The acting was superb, as always.

Again, Brett, you have written another great Medium review. The world could use more reviewers like you!

February 23 2007 at 10:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I actually cried with patricia when she woke up from the dream in the beginning..

February 22 2007 at 6:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Brett, once again you have written another great review of a great show! Thank you for the "Medium" love and especially for the Scanlon praise! As we know, he is played by David Cubitt, the world's most perfect man!

That said, you didn't mention the Di Novi incident - yes, that blood curddling scream you heard (followed by the loud THUD) was mine at the mere thought that Scanlon and DiNovi were back together. Thank God it was just a dream. We should see more Scanlon dreams. As long as the writers aren't using this to set up Scanlon and DiNovi getting back together at a later date - the dude can do better!

BigTed, I disagree with you about the show getting stupider and stupider. Is every episode a winner and Emmy worthy? Nope. Don't all television shows have plot holes that you could sometimes drive a mack truck through? Yep. That's why we go to websites such as this, to discuss how WE would have made it a better ep, but we still love the show.

As always, Patricia Arquette does a terrific job. You've got to love Bridgette and Marie getting to speak! No, I'm not in the Jake Weber fan club. There are things that Joe does that absolutely drive me crazy! Any ep that has Scanlon shirtless is a wonderful ep for me! You've got to admit - what a great set of pecs and biceps!!! Oh yea! I can sit through a few plot holes to see those.

February 22 2007 at 5:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show is well-acted, but it just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

Doesn't Alison know by now that the way for her to solve the week's mystery is to go to sleep for a couple more nights, because the key information is always revealed to her over the course of several dreams? Instead of trying to investigate things, she should take more naps.

This show gets into one of those time-travel paradoxes that make everything impossible. Her dream of the future is what causes her to want to move to a new house, but it's moving to a new house that would have caused the future events. If she had never had the dream, the future stuff wouldn't have occurred anyway.

Isn't it time for Joe to snap completely? He gets woken up in the middle of every night by his wife having terror dreams (or, per last week, being possessed by another person). He just barely avoids having horrible things happen to his family on a weekly basis. The blessing/curse of mediumship has been passed onto his daughters. By all rights, he should be totally wackadoo by now.

Of course, the audience could see where the plot was going about 40 minutes before Alison did. (If one of the suspects is involved in a drug/chemical study, he did it. Hasn't she seen "The Fugitive"?) Since when are two medical students allowed to do the research that declares an entire chemical to be safe or unsafe, anyway?

"Medium" really needs some stronger writing... 'cause I can see its future, and it isn't getting any better.

February 22 2007 at 10:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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